Environmental Engineering Exam Questions - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Environmental Engineering Exam Questions - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. The ratio of oxygen available to the oxygen required for stabilization of sewage is called the
    (A) Bacterial stability factor
    (B) Relative stability
    (C) Biological oxygen demand (BOD)
    (D) Oxygen ion concentration

2. Irradiation of water by ultraviolet light of suitable wavelength is commonly used for disinfection of water in
    (A) Food industry
    (B) Municipal sewage treatment
    (C) Petroleum refinery
    (D) Iron & steel plant

3. Ozone level is generally found to be depleted in India in the month of
    (A) February
    (B) July
    (C) April
    (D) December

4. Persons working in cement plants and limestone quarries are more prone to disease like
    (A) Cancer
    (B) Asthma
    (C) Silicosis
    (D) Fluorosis (bone disease)

5. Thermal pollution due to excessive heat & temperature in the working place causes
    (A) Reduction in working efficiency of manpower
    (B) Fatigue
    (C) High breathing rate
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

6. Presence of soluble organics in polluted water causes
    (A) Undesirable plants growth
    (B) Depletion of oxygen
    (C) Fire hazards
    (D) Explosion hazards

7. Replenishment of dissolved oxygen in water stream polluted with industrial waste occurs by
    (A) Natural aeration of water stream
    (B) Photosynthetic action of algae
    (C) Both (a) & (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

8. Presence of iron and manganese in water causes
    (A) Reduction in its dissolved oxygen content
    (B) Discoloration of bathroom fixtures
    (C) Temporary hardness
    (D) None of these

9. The main industrial source of emission of hydrogen sulphide air pollutant is
    (A) Petroleum refineries
    (B) Coal based thermal power plants
    (C) Pulp and paper plant
    (D) Metallurgical roasting & smelting plant

10. TLV of mercury in potable (drinking) water is about __________ ppm.
    (A) 0.001
    (B) 0.1
    (C) 1
    (D) 5

11. Limestone powder is injected during pulverized coal burning in boilers to __________ the flue gases.
    (A) Reduce SO2 content in
    (B) Catalytically convert SO2 to SO3 in
    (C) Increase the dew point of
    (D) None of these

12. Bacterial aerobic oxidation of polluted water in biological oxidation ponds is done to purify it. Presence of bacteria helps in
    (A) Coagulation and flocculation of colloids
    (B) Oxidation of carbonaceous matter to CO2
    (C) Nitrification or oxidation of ammonia derived from breakdown of nitrogenous organic matter to the nitrite and eventually to the nitrate
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

13. Bag filter design is predominantly dependent on gas temperature, as it affects the gas density & viscosity and the selection of filtering material. The pressure drop in a bag filter is
    (A) Inversely proportional to viscosity of gas
    (B) Proportional to the viscosity & density of the gas
    (C) Proportional to the pressure of the gas
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

14. Presence of a certain minimum quantity of fluorine is desirable in potable water to prevent
    (A) Dental cavities
    (B) Scale formation
    (C) Water-borne disease
    (D) Corrosion

15. Presence of __________ hardness is responsible for the temporary hardness in water.
    (A) Carbonate
    (B) Calcium
    (C) Chloride
    (D) Sulphate

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