Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Online Test - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Online Test - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. Lewis number (Le) is
    (A) Sc × Pr
    (B) Pr × St
    (C) Sh × Pr
    (D) St × Sh

2. Which is not concerned directly with mass transfer?
    (A) Schmidt number
    (B) Sherwood number
    (C) Lewis relationship
    (D) Froude number

3. Most important factor to be considered in the selection of packings for absorbers is the __________ of packing.
    (A) Size
    (B) Durability
    (C) Porosity
    (D) Cost

4. For ethanol-water system, the lowering of distillate quality from 95% to 92% will cause __________ plate requirement.
    (A) No change in theoretical
    (B) Marginal decrease in the number of
    (C) Major decrease in the number of
    (D) None of these

5. Experimental determination of __________ is done by wetted wall column method.
    (A) Diffusion co-efficient
    (B) Mass transfer co-efficient
    (C) NTU
    (D) None of these

6. Ammonia present in the coke oven gas is removed by washing with
    (A) Caustic solution
    (B) Dilute ammoniacal liquor
    (C) Dilute HCl
    (D) Ethanolamine

7. Which of the following provides maximum contact surface for a liquid-vapor system?
    (A) Packed tower
    (B) Bubble-cap plate column
    (C) Sieve-plate column
    (D) Wetted wall column

8. At the boiling point of the liquid at the prevailing pressure, the saturated absolute humidity becomes
    (A) 1
    (B) 0
    (D) None of these

9. Measurement of the interfacial area of mass transfer is achieved easily & accurately in case of a __________ column.
    (A) Spray
    (B) Packed
    (C) Bubble cap plate
    (D) Wetted wall

10. Which of the following is directly concerned with Psychrometry?
    (A) Lewis relationship
    (B) Galileo number
    (C) Weber number
    (D) Dean number

11. In the layout plan for a vacuum distillation unit, operating at 60 mm Hg, supported by a barometric condenser, the appropriate place for the location of vacuum drum for collecting the distillate will be
    (A) At ground level
    (B) 2 meters above the ground
    (C) 5 meters above ground
    (D) 10 meters above ground

12. Which of the following is an undesirable property in a tower packing?
    (A) Large surface per unit volume
    (B) Large free cross-section
    (C) Low weight per unit volume
    (D) Large weight of liquid retained

13. High pressure at the bottom of a distillation tower handling heat sensitive materials results in
    (A) Thermal decomposition of bottoms
    (B) Increased relative volatility
    (C) Erosion of the tower
    (D) Very efficient operation

14. Steady state equimolal counter diffusion is encountered in
    (A) Separation of a binary mixture by distillation
    (B) Absorption of NH3 from air by water
    (C) All liquid-liquid diffusion systems
    (D) All liquid-solid diffusion systems

15. Minimum reflux ratio in a distillation column results in
    (A) Optimum number of trays
    (B) Minimum reboiler size
    (C) Maximum condenser size
    (D) Minimum number of trays

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