Common Building Materials Used for Process Plants Questions - Set 20 - ObjectiveBooks

Common Building Materials Used for Process Plants Questions - Set 20

Practice Test: Question Set - 20

1. An alloy used as thermocouple material comprises of 40% nickel and 60% copper. It is called
    (A) Constantan
    (B) Kanthal
    (C) Chromel
    (D) German silver

2. A bearing metal should not have
    (A) Enough plasticity
    (B) Low thermal conductivity
    (C) Low co-efficient of friction
    (D) High toughness

3. The behavior of visco-elastic material is time dependent. This behavior is common in __________ materials.
    (A) Non-crystalline solid
    (B) Crystalline
    (C) Rubbery
    (D) Non-crystalline organic polymeric

4. 100% H2SO4 at 30°C can't be stored in a vessel made/lined with
    (A) Cast iron and high silicon iron
    (B) Mild steel and stainless steel
    (C) Aluminium, tin and rubber
    (D) Teflon, glass and porcelain

5. A material capable of undergoing large permanent deformation, when subjected to compression is termed as
    (A) Malleable
    (B) Ductile
    (C) Brittle
    (D) None of these

6. Thermometer bulb & capillary in case of mercury filled pressure spring expansion thermometer is normally made of __________ as mercury does not amalgamate with it.
    (A) Copper
    (B) Copper alloys
    (C) Stainless steel
    (D) Monel

7. Softness of silver can be converted into hardness by alloying it with small quantity of
    (A) Copper & nickel
    (B) Zinc
    (C) Aluminium
    (D) Tin

8. Which of the following is not a non-ferrous alloy?
    (A) Meehanite
    (B) Magnalium
    (C) Gun metal
    (D) Muntz metal

9. Dead mild steel, which contains 0.10 to 0.15 percent carbon is used for making
    (A) Shafts
    (B) Flanges
    (C) Gears
    (D) Shear blades

10. Which of the following is a light alloy?
    (A) Monel metal
    (B) Dow metal
    (C) German silver
    (D) Babbitt metal

11. Invar used in thermocouples is an alloy of nickel and
    (A) Iron
    (B) Copper
    (C) Chromium
    (D) Lead

12. Generally __________ are subjected to galvanizing (i.e., zinc coating).
    (A) Non-ferrous metals
    (B) Non-metals
    (C) Low carbon steels
    (D) Stainless steel

13. Hydrochloric acid is __________ corrosive to common metals.
    (A) Least
    (B) Not
    (C) Mildly
    (D) Highly

14. Gunmetal and bronze are not corroded by the action of
    (A) Wet chlorine
    (B) Synthetic detergent solution
    (C) Hydrochloric acid (10%)
    (D) Nitric acid (< 25%)

15. 18-4-1 high speed steel contains 18%, 4% and 1% respectively of
    (A) Tungsten, vanadium and chromium
    (B) Tungsten, chromium and vanadium
    (C) Vanadium, chromium and tungsten
    (D) Chromium, tungsten and vanadium

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