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Fluid Mechanics Tutorial Questions - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. Ratio of inertial forces to surface tension forces is called the __________ number.
    (A) Euler
    (B) Froude
    (C) Mach
    (D) Weber

2. Select the correct practical example of steady non-uniform flow.
    (A) Motion of water around a ship in a lake
    (B) Motion of river around bridge piers
    (C) Steadily decreasing flow through a reducing section
    (D) Steadily increasing flow through a pipe

3. Two piping system are said to be equivalent, when the __________ are same.
    (A) Fluid flow rate & friction loss
    (B) Length & friction factor
    (C) Diameter & friction factor
    (D) Length & diameter

4. A centrifugal pump used to pump water is used to pump an oil with specific gravity of 0.8 at the same rate. The power consumption will now
    (A) Increase
    (B) Decrease
    (C) Remain same
    (D) Data insufficient to predict

5. In which of the following cases, it is possible for flow to occur from low pressure to high pressure?
    (A) Flow of liquid upward in a vertical pipe
    (B) Flow through a converging section
    (C) Flow of air downward in a pipe
    (D) Impossible in a constant cross-section conduit

6. Which of the following must be followed by the flow of a fluid (real or ideal)? 
    (I) Newton's law of viscosity.
    (II) Newton's second law of motion. 
    (III) The continuity equation.
    (IV) Velocity of boundary layer must be zero relative to boundary.
    (V) Fluid cannot penetrate a boundary.
    (A) I, II, III
    (B) II, III, V
    (C) I, II, V
    (D) II, IV, V

7. An ideal plastic substance indicates no deformation, when stressed upto yield stress, but behaves like a Newtonian fluid beyond yield stress. Which of the following is an ideal plastic?
    (A) Sewage sludge
    (B) Rubber latex
    (C) Blood
    (D) Sugar solution

8. For steady ideal fluid flow, the Bernoulli's equation states that the
    (A) Velocity is constant along a stream line
    (B) Energy is constant throughout the fluid
    (C) Energy is constant along a stream line, but may vary across stream lines
    (D) None of these

9. In an incompressible flow of fluid, the fluid
    (A) Temperature remains constant
    (B) Compressibility is greater than zero
    (C) Density does not change with pressure & temperature
    (D) Is frictionless

10. The velocity for subsonic flow in a pipeline
    (A) Increases in the downstream direction
    (B) Is constant
    (C) Decreases in the downstream direction
    (D) Is independent of the area of flow

11. A Venturimeter measures the
    (A) Velocity head
    (B) Pressure
    (C) Point velocity
    (D) None of these

12. Scale up of agitator design requires
    (A) Geometrical similarity only
    (B) Dynamic similarity only
    (C) Both geometrical and dynamic similarity
    (D) All geometrical, dynamic and kinematic similarity

13. The discharge through a rectangular weir varies as
    (A) H1/2
    (B) H5/2
    (C) H2/5
    (D) H3/2

14. The percentage slip in a reciprocating pump set is given by the % of (where, Q1 = actual discharge Q2 = theoretical discharge).
    (A) Q1/Q2
    (B) Q2/Q1
    (C) (Q2 - Q1)/Q1
    (D) (Q2 - Q1)/Q2

15. To handle smaller quantity of fluid at higher discharge pressure, use a __________ pump.
    (A) Reciprocating
    (B) Centrifugal
    (C) Volute
    (D) Rotary vacuum

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