Fossil Fuels and Combustion Multiple Choice Questions - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Fossil Fuels and Combustion Multiple Choice Questions - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. Presence of free moisture in coal is most disadvantageous during
    (A) Its pulverization (as it requires more power)
    (B) Combustion of fire slacks on the grates
    (C) Handling (e.g. when emptying wagons)
    (D) None of these

2. Which of the following coke has the least percentage of ash?
    (A) Petroleum coke
    (B) Beehive coke
    (C) Foundry coke
    (D) Metallurgical coke

3. The fuel ratio of a coal is
    (A) The ratio of its percentage of fixed carbon to that of volatile matter
    (B) Helpful in estimation of its rank
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

4. Steam is intermittently admitted into the fuel bed during the production of producer gas to
    (A) Convert CO to CO2
    (B) Increase the combustion rate
    (C) Increase the gas production rate
    (D) Minimize the chances of clinker formation

5. Lurgi coal gasifier is a pressurized __________ bed reactor.
    (A) Moving
    (B) Fixed
    (C) Fluidized
    (D) Entrained

6. Height of coke oven is limited (say maximum upto 7 meters) mainly by the
    (A) Problem of uniform heating along its height
    (B) Structural strength of silica bricks
    (C) Problem in door cleaning
    (D) Buckling of ram of pusher car at the time of coke pushing

7. A travelling grate stoker is meant for the efficient burning of __________ coal.
    (A) Caking
    (B) Pulverized
    (C) Non-caking
    (D) High ash

8. Gas yield in the Kopper-Totzek coal gasifier is about __________ Nm3/ton coal (ash = 35%).
    (A) 150
    (B) 1500
    (C) 3500
    (D) 5000

9. Largest constituent of blast furnace gas is
    (A) N2
    (B) CO
    (C) CO2
    (D) H2

10. Main use of soft coke is as __________ fuel.
    (A) Domestic
    (B) Blast furnace
    (C) Foundry
    (D) None of these

11. The bright glow of a combustion process is the characteristic of __________ temperature oxidation of coal.
    (A) Fast & high
    (B) Slow & low
    (C) Slow & high
    (D) Fast & slow

12. C/H ratio is the maximum in case of
    (A) Coal
    (B) Furnace oil
    (C) Natural gas
    (D) Naphtha

13. Pick out the wrong statement:
    (A) Carburetted water gas is also called blue gas
    (B) Coals are divided in four species according to their carbon content in Seylor's classification
    (C) Carbonization time in a by-product coke oven is about 16 hours
    (D) Gross and net calorific value of a fuel is the same, if it does not contain hydrogen or hydrocarbons

14. Traces of tar fog present in the coke oven gas is removed by
    (A) Cyclone separator
    (B) Wet packed scrubber
    (C) Electrostatic precipitator
    (D) Washing with monoethanolamine

15. A coal that softens and fuses on heating is
    (A) Classified
    (B) Carbonized
    (C) Caking
    (D) Non-caking

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