Fuels and Combustion Book pdf MCQs - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Fuels and Combustion Book pdf MCQs - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. A gaseous fuel in order to develop luminosity on burning, must contain
    (A) Carbon monoxide
    (B) Hydrocarbons
    (C) Hydrogen
    (D) Oxygen

2. Pure carbon is completely burnt in oxygen. The flue gas analysis is 70%CO2, 20%CO and 10%O2. The percent excess oxygen used is
    (A) 20
    (B) 12.5
    (C) 0
    (D) 10

3. The cuprous chloride used in Orsat apparatus can absorb
    (A) Only CO
    (B) Both CO and CO2
    (C) Both CO and O2
    (D) All CO, CO2, and O2

4. Blast furnace gas constitutes mainly of
    (A) N2 & CH4
    (B) N2 & H2
    (C) N2 & CO
    (D) CH4 & CO2

5. A good metallurgical coke
    (A) Should have high porosity
    (B) Should be brittle
    (C) Must contain moderate quantities of ash, moisture, sulphur and volatile matters
    (D) Should have low fusion point of its ash

6. Which of the following is a single stage, fixed bed high pressure coal gasification process?
    (A) Winkler process
    (B) Kopper-Totzek process
    (C) Lurgi Process
    (D) None of these

7. __________ has the widest inflammability limit (explosion limit) of all the gases.
    (A) Hydrogen
    (B) Carbon monoxide
    (C) Acetylene
    (D) Methane

8. In low temperature carbonization of coal, the
    (A) Yield of coke oven gas is 290 Nm3 /ton dry coal
    (B) Volatile matter in coke is zero
    (C) Temperature maintained is 700°C
    (D) Yield of tar is about 3% of dry coal

9. "Micum Index" of a coke is a measure of its
    (A) Reactivity
    (B) Porosity
    (C) Bulk density
    (D) Hardness & strength

10. Furnace oil consumption in a furnace for a given duty employing preheated combination air (at 300°) may be reduced by about __________ percent as compared to the use of atmospheric combustion air.
    (A) 5
    (B) 10
    (C) 20
    (D) 35

11. High excess air in combustion of fuels results in
    (A) Increased fuel consumption
    (B) Incomplete combustion
    (C) Smoky flame
    (D) None of these

12. Gray King Assay and Swelling Index of a coal is a measure of its
    (A) Swelling characteristics
    (B) Abradability
    (C) Agglutinating properties
    (D) Resistance to impact breakage

13. Very __________ coals are completely devoid of cokability i.e., it is non-coking.
    (A) Young
    (B) Mature
    (C) Both 'a' & 'b'
    (D) Neither 'a' nor 'b'

14. Coke made in narrower by-product coke ovens (as compared to wider ovens) is
    (A) Less reactive
    (B) Stronger
    (C) Smaller in size
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

15. Incomplete combustion of a fuel is characterized by the high __________ in the flue gas.
    (A) Smoke
    (B) Temperature
    (C) Oxygen
    (D) Carbon monoxide

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