UPSC Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

UPSC Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. What is the shear rate at the pipe wall, in case of laminar flow of Newtonian fluids in a pipe of diameter 'D' & length 'L' incurring a pressure drop 'Δp' with average velocity 'Vavg'?
    (A) D Δp/8L
    (B) D Δp/4L
    (C) 8 Vavg/D
    (D) 4 Vavg/D

2. Function of air vessel provided in a reciprocating pump is to
    (A) Reduce discharge fluctuation
    (B) Reduce the danger of cavitation
    (C) Avoid the necessity of priming
    (D) Increase the pump efficiency

3. Low specific speed of a pump implies that, it is a/an __________ pump.
    (A) Axial flow
    (B) Centrifugal
    (C) Mixed flow
    (D) None of these

4. For turbulent flow of Newtonian fluid in a circular cross-section pipe, the ratio of maximum to average fluid velocity is
    (A) 0.5
    (B) 1
    (C) 0.66
    (D) < 0.5

5. Actual lift of a pump is always less than the theoretical lift and is limited by the
    (A) Specific gravity & temperature of the liquid
    (B) Leakage & pressure decreasing at higher elevations
    (C) Frictional resistance through pipes, fittings & passages
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

6. In Newton's law range, the drag co-efficient for the motion of spherical particle in a stationary fluid is
    (A) 0.44
    (B) 0.044
    (C) 4.4
    (D) 44

7. Mach number is the ratio of the speed of the
    (A) Fluid to that of the light
    (B) Light to that of the fluid
    (C) Fluid to that of the sound
    (D) Sound to that of the fluid

8. In parallel pipe problems, the
    (A) Head loss is the same through each pipe
    (B) Discharge is the same through all the pipes
    (C) Total head loss is equal to the sum of the head losses through each pipe
    (D) None of these

9. What type of motion the fluid element undergoes, when it changes from one position to another position, such that the angle between the two sides changes?
    (A) Rotation
    (B) Translation
    (C) Linear deformation
    (D) Angular deformation

10. A tube is specified by its
    (A) Thickness only
    (B) Outer diameter only
    (C) Thickness & outer diameter both
    (D) Inner diameter

11. In a fluidized bed reactor
    (A) Temperature gradients are very high
    (B) Temperature is more or less uniform
    (C) Hot spots are formed
    (D) Segregation of the solids occurs

12. Poise is converted into stoke by
    (A) Multiplying with density (gm/c.c)
    (B) Dividing by density (gm/c.c)
    (C) Multiplying with specific gravity
    (D) Dividing by specific gravity

13. For a fluid rotating at constant angular velocity about vertical axis as a rigid body, the pressure intensity varies as the
    (A) Square of the radial distance
    (B) Radial distance linearly
    (C) Inverse of the radial distance
    (D) Elevation along vertical direction

14. Slurries can be most conveniently pumped by a __________ pump.
    (A) Screw
    (B) Reciprocating
    (C) Gear
    (D) Centrifugal

15. For a given fluid flow rate, which of the following incurs maximum head loss?
    (A) Orificemeter
    (B) Venturimeter
    (C) Flow nozzle
    (D) All of them incur the same head loss

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