ITI Machinist Cutting Tools Objective Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI Machinist Cutting Tools Objective Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Hacksaw blade teeth get dull due to
    (A) High speed and pressure
    (B) Pressures not released during return stroke
    (C) Coolant not used
    (D) Any one of the above

2. Which one among the following scrapers is used for scraping on bearing bush?
    (A) Flat scraper
    (B) Triangular scraper
    (C) Half round scraper
    (D) Round scraper

3. File card is used for
    (A) Cleaning the workpiece
    (B) Cleaning the file teeth
    (C) Renewing the file teeth
    (D) Cleaning the chips

4. Which one of the following materials is used for making a grinding wheel?
    (A) Silicon carbide
    (B) Granite
    (C) Sand
    (D) Calcium carbonate

5. A hole of 10 mm diameter is to be finished with a hand reamer. The hole size required for reaming should be
    (A) 9.75 mm
    (B) 9.50 mm
    (C) 9.25 mm
    (D) 9.00 mm

6. The rate of feed depends upon
    (A) Finish required
    (B) Material of tool (drill)
    (C) Material to be drilled
    (D) All the above

7. A warding file is similar to
    (A) Flat file but uniform in width
    (B) Hand file but narrow in width
    (C) Flat file but thinner in thickness
    (D) Flat file but thinner and uniform in thickness

8. Hacksaw blades with fine-pitched teeth are more effective on
    (A) Thin section metal
    (B) Soft metals
    (C) Broad section metals
    (D) Non-metals

9. You have to cut an aluminium block to smooth finish. Which one of the following cut of file is most suitable?
    (A) Single cut
    (B) Double cut
    (C) Rasp cut
    (D) Circular cut

10. Which one of the following cutting fluids is used during grinding mild steel?
    (A) Mineral oil
    (B) Non-synthetic cutting oil
    (C) Soluble oil
    (D) Paraffin

11. What will happen if the job is loosely fitted between centers in cylindrical grinding?
    (A) The job will be out of round
    (B) The job will be oversized
    (C) The job will be thrown out
    (D) The job will not rotate

12. Oil grooves are to be cut in brass half bearings. Which one of the following chisels is suitable?
    (A) Flat chisel
    (B) Cross cut chisel
    (C) Half-round nose chisel
    (D) Web chisel

13. What coolant is recommended for tapping copper or aluminium?
    (A) Kerosene
    (B) Lard oil
    (C) Soda water
    (D) Dry

14. Second cut in a file is the type of
    (A) Section
    (B) Grade
    (C) Cut
    (D) Design

15. What should be the blank size of round bar for cutting M16 threads with 2 mm pitch with a die?
    (A) 15.5 mm
    (B) 15.8 mm
    (C) 15.9 mm
    (D) 16.0 mm

16. The tapping hole should be
    (A) Larger than the tap size
    (B) Smaller than the tap size
    (C) Equal to the tap size
    (D) Equal to the core (minor) diameter of the tap

17. What is the cause of a grinding wheel becoming glazed in a grinding machine?
    (A) Grinding wheel's grade is too soft
    (B) Grinding wheel's grade is too large
    (C) Feed and traverse are less
    (D) Grinding wheel's speed is too high and work speed is low

18. The grooves provided on the entire length of the body of a twist drill are called
    (A) Lips
    (B) Flutes
    (C) Margins
    (D) Webs

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