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Earn Money online With Zero Investment

Earn money online - Earn Crypto Free - How to earn cryptocurrency without investment

Can you really earn money or cryptocurrency from online free sites without any investment.

Hi Everyone! Please read each and every line carefully, as this article is only for you regarding online money income.

I am writing this post today, for all my student friends after a lot of research, as I saw, online income is a trend today and students are wasting their valuable time on this scam.

First off all, let me tell you, you can’t earn decent money through online sites, which sites claim to make you rich by clicking some ads, doing some micro works, doing surveys or anything like that, without any investment.

May be, some of you will be very disappoint after reading this. But this is the damn truth. There is no such things exist, that is free.

There are 1000’s of sites and YouTube videos on internet showing you online income sources. I personally request you; don’t waste your time on these scams. I personally saw, lots of people are wasting their time on these sites. You can’t make a dim after wasting your months of time and hard work but these sites will earn in millions without doing anything, of course you do the work for them.

But, yes of course you can earn money (even huge money) online by opening own YouTube channel, making your own blog/websites, affiliate marketing etc., these are different thing. For these, you need to invest lots of time. But as you are a student, I won’t recommend you to waste your time on these things as of now and concentrate on your study. Those, who have completed their study and are looking for a job, can do these works on their free time.

Here in this post, I will show you some genuine way to earn some money free, if you are lucky, that also without wasting your time. If it would waste your time, I wouldn’t write this post.

Note: I’m telling you again & again, if you are lucky. But you can try your luck of course, without wasting your valuable time.

So, there is a genuine site named freebitcoin, where you can earn some decent money, if you are lucky only. We can say, the site is genuine, as it is running since past 9 years continuously.

Free BTC Site

In this site also, there are lots of games and etc. etc. to waste your time and what you can earn in return is $ 0.0011 (0.079 Indian rupees) in one hour. So, to make $1 you need 1000 hours, that is continue playing of 42 days if you play 24 hr/day and need 84 days if you play 12 hr/day (of course, you just need 1 minute in every 1 hour in this case). All those online income sites are same or even worst. But please don’t waste your time on all this.

Just follow these 2 simple tips and you can try your luck and you can earn a lot big amount.

If you are not familiar with BTC (Bit Coin), Read the FAQ section of the site “what is BTC (Bit Coin)”.

Just register on this site, Freebitcoin and go to first menu option FREE BTC. Here you can roll and earn free BTC from 0.00000004 BTC to 0.00561050 BTC depending on your luck in every hour. But hardly you will earn 0.00000050 BTC and 0.00000500 BTC (I personally won 50 satoshi to 500 satoshi so many times as of now in 3 years).

Free BTC

Free Crypto

Earn free BTC

So, it is also not the game, as 0.00000004 value is very much negligible. But in this roll, you will earn 2 free rewards points (sometime gives 6 to 10 rewards points) & 2 free lottery tickets. This Free lottery ticket is the main thing I’m talking about.

There is a free weekly lottery draw for all of Freebitcoin users, the 2 lottery tickets you won by FREE ROLL . Also you can buy 1 lottery ticket by spending 0.00000001 satoshi. So, If you play once daily, you will earn 2 free lottery tickets + 4 free lottery tickets (spending 0.00000004 satoshi) = 6 lottery tickets. So, by just spending 1 minute, you are eligible to participate in the lottery draw with 6 tickets.

If in a whole day, you play the FREE ROLL 3 times, you can earn 6 × 3 = 18 lottery tickets, and thus weekly 18 × 7 = 126 free lottery tickets, just by spending 3 minutes in a day.

So, by this way, if you ever win this lottery, you will earn a big amount, depending upon the BTC Current Market Price, ranging from $ 4500 to $ 11000 (Rs. 3, 50, 000 to Rs. 8, 00, 000, Indian Rupees). See the lottery winning prize list here.

Lottery Jack Pot

Another opportunity is, in the second image above, you can see that one banner is there in yellow color, showing Wheel of Fortune - Claim your free spins today!

You just have to subscribe to this. In this, you will receive a mail whenever the freebitcoin post a new article in their site and you will earn a chance for a free roll, where you can earn up to $15000. But in reality, you will hardly earn 500 satoshi, 5000 rewards points and 5000 lottery tickets. That is also will be a chance to increase your free lottery tickets and thus to earn the Jackpot amount. The free rewards points can also be converted to BTC when it reaches to 100000 points.

free lottery ticket

Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune Prize

If anyone wins the lottery, please feel free to contact me. I will happily guide you, how to safely transfer that BTC to your Bank account in local currency.

If you wish to join the network, simply click here and sign up.

Freebitcoin sign up

Note: The whole article I have written to educate you about free online earning sites, about online scams, wasting your valuable time and to try your luck in a genuine way.

Again I’m requesting you, Please don’t waste your valuable time on fake promises and scams. Then also, if you use those sites, you will get my point only after wasting your valuable time, which will not be returnable.

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