Basic Fitting Measuring Instrument MCQ Test - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Fitting Measuring Instrument MCQ Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the point angle of chisel to cut mild steel?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 50°
    (C) 55°
    (D) 60°

2. Which grade of file is used to bring the material to accurate size with a high degree of finish?
    (A) Rough file
    (B) Bastard file
    (C) Second cut file
    (D) Dead smooth file

3. Which part of the pedestal grinder supports the work while grinding?
    (A) Base
    (B) Body
    (C) Tool rest
    (D) Wheel guard

4. What is the use of a cross cut chisel?
    (A) For cutting curved grooves
    (B) Squaring material and corners
    (C) For cutting keyways, grooves, slots
    (D) Separating metal after chain drilling

5. Which type of punch is used for marking witness marks on work surface?
    (A) Dot punch
    (B) Centre punch
    (C) Hollow punch
    (D) Prick punch 30°

6. What will happen if the rake angle of a chisel increases?
    (A) Chisel will slip
    (B) Cutting edge break
    (C) Proper cutting take place
    (D) Cutting edge digs in the work

7. How the bench vices are specified?
    (A) Width of jaw
    (B) Length of spindle
    (C) Length of fixed jaw
    (D) Moving distance of moveable jaw

8. What is the other name of cross cut chisel?
    (A) Web chisel
    (B) Cape chisel
    (C) Diamond point chisel
    (D) Half round nose chisel

9. Which file is used for filing narrow grooves and angle more than 10°?
    (A) Round file
    (B) Triangular file
    (C) Half round file
    (D) Knife - edge file

10. What is the purpose of a bastard file?
    (A) Bring material to accurate size
    (B) Remove small quantity of material
    (C) Brings job close to finishing size
    (D) For heavy reduction of mat

11. What material is used for making scriber?
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) High speed steel
    (C) High carbon steel
    (D) Medium carbon steel

12. What will happen if run a grinder without truing?
    (A) Excessive vibration
    (B) Get better surface
    (C) Less metal removed
    (D) More metal removed

13. Which is the most suitable pitch for hack saw blade for cutting high carbon steel?
    (A) 0.8 mm
    (B) 1.0 mm
    (C) 1.4 mm
    (D) 1.8 mm

14. What is the grade of file used for rapid and larger quantity of metal removal?
    (A) Rough file
    (B) Bastard file
    (C) Smooth file
    (D) Second cut file

15. What is the use of a 30° prick punch?
    (A) Making hole
    (B) Marking witness marks
    (C) Locating center of the hole
    (D) Marking light punch marks for divider point

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