Basic Fitting Measuring Instrument Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Fitting Measuring Instrument Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What will happen if clearance angle of a chisel increases?
    (A) Good cutting
    (B) Less cutting
    (C) Chisel will slip
    (D) Cutting edge dig in the work

2. What is the angle of center punch?
    (A) 30°
    (B) 60°
    (C) 75°
    (D) 90°

3. What is the name of the instrument used for marking lines parallel to inside and outside edges?
    (A) Divider
    (B) Jenny caliper
    (C) Inside caliper
    (D) Outside caliper

4. What is the name of the chisel used to chip - off excess metal of welded joints and castings?
    (A) Flat chisel
    (B) Cross cut chisel
    (C) Diamond point chisel
    (D) Half round nose chisel

5. Which one of the marking media will take more time to dry?
    (A) White wash
    (B) Prussian blue
    (C) Copper sulphate
    (D) Cellulose lacquer

6. How the calipers are classified?
    (A) Size
    (B) Accuracy
    (C) Material
    (D) Joint and legs

7. Which type of vice is used for gripping screws, rivets, keys and other similar objects?
    (A) Pin vice
    (B) Hand vice
    (C) Pipe vice
    (D) Quick release vice

8. What is the use of a Half round nose chisel?
    (A) For cutting key ways
    (B) For cutting curved groove
    (C) For squaring material at the corners
    (D) For removing metal from flat surfaces

9. Which grade of files removes small quantities of material and to give good finish?
    (A) Rough file
    (B) Smooth file
    (C) Bastard file
    (D) Second cut file

10. What is the purpose of ‘V’ groove provided on the base of universal surface gauge?
    (A) Used on irregular surface
    (B) Used on flat datum surface
    (C) Used on angular datum surface
    (D) Used on cylindrical datum surface

11. Which part of the hammer the handle is fixed?
    (A) Pein
    (B) Face
    (C) Check
    (D) Eye Hole

12. What is the purpose of a work rest of the pedestal grinder?
    (A) Hold the work
    (B) Support the work
    (C) Support the wheel
    (D) Support the machine

13. Which caliper is used for marking parallel lines to the edge of the job?
    (A) Divider
    (B) Jenny caliper
    (C) Inside caliper
    (D) Outside caliper

14. What will happen if the datum surface is not perfectly flat?
    (A) Marking is accurate
    (B) Marking is inaccurate
    (C) Surface finish will decrease
    (D) Surface finish will increase

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