Basic Fittings Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Fittings Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the expansion of rpm used in drilling?
    (A) Revolution per mile
    (B) Revolution per meter
    (C) Revolution per minute
    (D) Retardation per minute

2. Which is an integrated part of beam of a Vernier caliper?
    (A) Fixed jaw
    (B) Depth bar
    (C) Thumb lever
    (D) Vernier slide

3. Where is the drilling machine spindle head is fixed in radial drilling machine?
    (A) Base
    (B) Column
    (C) Radial arm
    (D) Auxiliary table

4. What is the function of thumb lever of Vernier caliper?
    (A) For getting least count
    (B) To take internal measurement
    (C) To take external measurement
    (D) To set Vernier slide at any position

5. What is the mechanism used in a micrometer?
    (A) Lever mechanism
    (B) Thread mechanism
    (C) Spring mechanism
    (D) Plunger mechanism

6. What is the maximum size of hole that can be drilled using an upright drilling machine?
    (A) Dia 20 mm
    (B) Dia 25 mm
    (C) Dia 32 mm
    (D) Dia 50 mm

7. What is the beveling angle for holes to be threaded?
    (A) 75°
    (B) 120°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 80°

8. What is termed as peripheral speed of drill?
    (A) Feed
    (B) Depth of cut
    (C) Cutting speed
    (D) Cutting volume

9. What is a Vernier caliper?
    (A) Angular measuring instrument
    (B) Indirect measuring instrument
    (C) Precision measuring instrument
    (D) Telescopic measuring instrument

10. Calculate the cutting speed used for drilling a 20 mm dia meter hole in a mild steel work piece with a rpm of 399?
    (A) 20 m / min
    (B) 25 m / min
    (C) 30 m / min
    (D) 35 m / min

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