CNC Vertical Machining ITI Exam Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

CNC Vertical Machining ITI Exam Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which system uses in punched tape?
    (A) NC system
    (B) CNC system
    (C) DNC system
    (D) Conventional system

2. What is G code for 'Linear interpolation'?
    (A) G91
    (B) G90
    (C) G00
    (D) G01

3. What type of guide way is used in CNC milling?
    (A) Flat
    (B) Dove tail
    (C) V and flat
    (D) LM guide way

4. Which axis is moving up and down in VMC?
    (A) X
    (B) Z
    (C) Y
    (D) B

5. What is hole finishing operation in VMC?
    (A) Drilling
    (B) Milling
    (C) Fine boring
    (D) Tapping

6. Which machine is used for face milling operation?
    (A) CNC lathe
    (B) CNC grinding
    (C) CNC VMC
    (D) CNC wire EDM

7. Which switch is used to stop the machine suddenly?
    (A) Cycle stop
    (B) Emergency stop
    (C) Toggle switch
    (D) Spindle stop

8. What is ATC?
    (A) Automatic Tool Changer
    (B) Automatic Pallet Changer
    (C) Automatic Gauge Changer
    (D) Automatic Tool Setter

9. Which interpolation is joining two points in straight line?
    (A) Circular interpolation
    (B) Linear interpolation
    (C) Helical interpolation
    (D) Parabolic interpolation

10. Which system provides feed motion along X or Y axis?
    (A) Point -to-point control
    (B) Contouring control
    (C) Straight cut control
    (D) 3D contouring control

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