ITI Objective Interview Questions on Jigs and Fixtures - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI Objective Interview Questions on Jigs and Fixtures - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which among the following statements is NOT correct?
    (A) Jig is used for planning operations
    (B) Jig is used for drilling operation
    (C) Jig is used for indexing operation
    (D) Jig is used for boring operation

2. Which among the following is a locator used for location from internal diameter?
    (A) Solid supports
    (B) Pin type locator
    (C) Vee locator
    (D) Nest locator

3. Which of the following metal have a fibrous structure?
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Wrought iron
    (C) Cast iron
    (D) Bronze

4. What is the formula to find out the turn of crank (T) if the degree to be indexed (D) is given in angular indexing?
    (A) T = 9/D
    (B) T = D/9
    (C) T = D × 9
    (D) T = 2D/9

5. What is the ratio of worm and worm wheel mechanism in simple indexing?
    (A) 30:2
    (B) 30:3
    (C) 40:1
    (D) 40:2

6. Which one of the following is used to clamp the job in relation to the tool in mass production?
    (A) Jig
    (B) Fixture
    (C) Housing
    (D) Gauge

7. Which one of the following bushings is used to locate the renewable bushings?
    (A) Press fit bushing
    (B) Liner bushing
    (C) Special bushing
    (D) Knurled bushing

8. Which of the following material is more elastic?
    (A) Plastic
    (B) Steel
    (C) Cast iron
    (D) Aluminium

9. Which among the following jigs is used for location from a bore?
    (A) Plate jig
    (B) Solid jig
    (C) Post jig
    (D) Box jig

10. Which of the following property of metals helps to with stand wear and abrasion?
    (A) Machinability
    (B) Hardness
    (C) Toughness
    (D) Tenacity

11. Usually drill jig is not clamped to the drilling machine table. Which among the following is the reason for this?
    (A) It is rigid enough for this operation
    (B) It is easy for operation
    (C) Numbers of holes of various sizes are normally being drilled in different settings
    (D) It is a more time consuming device

12. Jig is a device which
    (A) Locates the workpiece
    (B) Holds and supports the workpiece
    (C) Guides the cutting tool
    (D) Does all the above

13. Which among the following is the purpose for providing bushings in a drill jig?
    (A) For easy drilling
    (B) For determining the size of the hole to be drilled
    (C) For locating accurately and guiding the drill for precise drilling operation
    (D) For getting good finished surface in the drilled holes

14. Which property of metal is desirable to make rivet heads?
    (A) Ductility
    (B) Malleability
    (C) Tenacity
    (D) Machinability

15. Which type of jig has hinged cover with latch clamps?
    (A) Box jig
    (B) Post jig
    (C) Table jig
    (D) Latch or leaf jig

16. Drill jig bushings are generally made of
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Cast steel
    (D) Tool steel

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