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Lubricants and Coolants ITI Machinist Objective Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. The best example for splash lubrication is
    (A) Ring lubricator
    (B) Wick feed lubricator
    (C) Grease gun
    (D) Pump lubricator

2. The general ratio of soluble oil and water used as coolant is
    (A) 10:1
    (B) 1:10
    (C) 1:20
    (D) 20:1

3. In which one of the following materials no cutting oil is used when drilling?
    (A) Tool steel
    (B) Grey cast iron
    (C) Copper
    (D) Aluminium

4. Best example for gravity feed lubrication is
    (A) Grease gun
    (B) Ring lubricator
    (C) Tell-tale lubricator
    (D) Wick feed lubricator

5. Fire point is
    (A) The temperature at which an oil gives off sufficient vapor to burn it continuously when ignited
    (B) The temperature at which an oil will cease to flow when cooled
    (C) The lowest temperature at which an oil gives off sufficient vapor to support a momentary flash without actually setting fire
    (D) The temperature at which fire is produced

6. The most important quality of any lubricant is
    (A) Viscosity
    (B) Specific gravity
    (C) Specific heat
    (D) Emulsification

7. Lubricant is necessary to
    (A) Run the machine smoothly taking least load
    (B) Run the machine quickly
    (C) Stop the machine immediately
    (D) Produce workpiece of greater accuracy

8. Graphite is a
    (A) Liquid lubricant
    (B) Semi-liquid lubricant
    (C) Solid lubricant
    (D) None of the above

9. Which one of the following is the reason that tap water is not preferred as coolant on machine tool?
    (A) It decreases cutting action of the tool
    (B) Danger of corrosion
    (C) It has insufficient cooling effect
    (D) Due to high cooling effect the cutting edges of the tool break off

10. Which one of the following is common method for applying cutting fluid on the tool point?
    (A) With high pressure jet
    (B) With a brush
    (C) With an oilcan
    (D) Either 'B' or 'C'

11. The best example for semi-liquid lubricant is
    (A) Grease
    (B) Graphite
    (C) Castor oil
    (D) Lard oil

12. Which one of the following frictions occurs in an un-lubricated journal bearing?
    (A) Sliding friction
    (B) Rolling friction
    (C) Fluid friction
    (D) Dry friction

13. Which among the following is NOT a purpose of greasing?
    (A) Carry away the heat produced in bearing
    (B) Prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce friction
    (C) Prevent entry of foreign material i.e. dust, dirt etc. in the bearing
    (D) Provide a cushion to a load and shocks

14. While machining cast iron, the coolant used should be
    (A) Dry air
    (B) Kerosene
    (C) Machine oil
    (D) Soft water

15. The effective cutting of steel with hand hacksaw, which one of the following coolants is suitable?
    (A) Cutting oil
    (B) Grease
    (C) Lard oil
    (D) Kerosene oil

16. Slide ways of a machine are frequently lubricated by
    (A) Oilcan
    (B) Grease gun
    (C) Ring lubricator
    (D) Wick feed lubricator

17. Which one of the following is NOT the property of a good lubricant?
    (A) No change in viscosity due to variation in temperature
    (B) Reduces friction between machine parts
    (C) Takes up the surface pressure between sliding parts
    (D) Becomes thicker after prolonged use

18. Most common type of cutting fluid used in almost all the machining operation is
    (A) Water
    (B) Lard oil
    (C) Soluble oil
    (D) Compressed air

19. Which one of the following is the best way for preparing an emulsion?
    (A) Mix soluble oil and water by pouring both simultaneously
    (B) Add water to the soluble oil
    (C) Add soluble oil to the water
    (D) None of the above

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