Auto-CAD Inventor 3D Model Introduction and Commands MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Auto-CAD Inventor 3D Model Introduction and Commands MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which of the following can be seen first in part option under application option in an inventor?
    (A) Sketch on x, y plane
    (B) Sketch on y, z plane
    (C) No new sketch
    (D) Sketch on x, z plane

2. Which function will create a pocket in a SolidWorks model?
    (A) Feature manager
    (B) Fillet
    (C) Extruded base
    (D) Extruded cut

3. Which type of document can be created to draw in SolidWorks?
    (A) 2D document
    (B) 3D document
    (C) 4D document
    (D) 6D document

4. Which command is used to obtain common region of two intersecting parts in Auto cad?
    (A) Subtract
    (B) Intersect
    (C) Revolve
    (D) Union

5. Which of the following is related to the 2D poly line?
    (A) Arc & line together
    (B) Change the arc to the line
    (C) Only make arc
    (D) Change the line to the arc

6. Which command is used for adding height to 2D figure in Auto cad?
    (A) Extrude
    (B) Extend
    (C) Explode
    (D) Union

7. What is the function of "cut-extrude feature" in SolidWorks?
    (A) Material removal
    (B) Material deposition
    (C) Part removal
    (D) Part addition

8. Which one is not seen in "draw toolbar" in inventor?
    (A) Circle
    (B) Rectangle
    (C) Axis
    (D) Arc

9. Towards which side in the view tool bar will position the view of the 3D solid?
    (A) SE Isometric
    (B) Right
    (C) EW Isometric
    (D) Front

10. What is the full form of CAD?
    (A) Computer Aided Drafting
    (B) Complete Arrange Drafting
    (C) Communication Aided Drafting
    (D) Communication Arrange Drafting

11. Which command is used to create specific gap of a line?
    (A) Break two points
    (B) Break one point
    (C) Trim
    (D) Short

12. Which of the following feature allows the material to a solid in SolidWorks?
    (A) Solid creations mode
    (B) Feature manager
    (C) Sketch mode
    (D) Solid editing mode

13. In which tool bar the free orbit tool is found in 3D modeling?
    (A) Rotate
    (B) Modify
    (C) Move
    (D) 3D move

14. What is TTR method of drawing circle in AutoCAD?
    (A) Tangent Tangent Rectangle
    (B) Tangent Trim Radius
    (C) Tangent Tangent Radius
    (D) Total Trim Radius

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