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Building Construction - Carpenter Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which provides flat level surface to support the building furniture and partition?
    (A) PVC floor
    (B) Aluminium floor
    (C) Asbestos floor
    (D) Wooden floor

2. Which type of construction material is preventing decay of white ants?
    (A) PVC
    (B) Soft wood
    (C) Plywood
    (D) Hard board

3. What is the size of opening for designation 8DS20 in door in mm?
    (A) 800 × 2000
    (B) 800 × 2005
    (C) 800 × 2010
    (D) 800 × 2015

4. Which floor spring is suitable for use on clockwise for Aluminium door?
    (A) Double action floor spring
    (B) Raising butt hinge
    (C) Right hand floor spring
    (D) Left hand floor spring

5. What is the advantage of Aluminium window?
    (A) Weight
    (B) Light weight
    (C) High density
    (D) Minimum shrink

6. What is the reason for wood replaced with PVC?
    (A) Water proof properties
    (B) Fire proof properties
    (C) Weight is high
    (D) High density

7. Which door is provided if the additional light required to receive through it for the room?
    (A) Panel door
    (B) Ledged door
    (C) Glazed door
    (D) Flush door

8. Which modern technology is used in PVC moulding?
    (A) Improve the weight
    (B) Receiving power
    (C) Improve the working qualities
    (D) 100% water proof

9. Which method is applied after scarping and removing old paint?
    (A) Marking
    (B) Sawing
    (C) Sanding
    (D) Painting

10. Which device is used to secure the upper portion in Aluminium door?
    (A) Shoe
    (B) Sash
    (C) Top centre pivot
    (D) Floor spring

11. What is the use of hilti laser range meter?
    (A) Measuring for angle
    (B) Check the horizontal
    (C) Accurate thickness measuring
    (D) Quick and accurate up to 200m distance measuring

12. What is the advantage of priming?
    (A) Glossy finish
    (B) Method very cheap
    (C) Very quick method
    (D) Increase paint durability

13. What is the reason for repainting an old furniture?
    (A) Surface became uneven
    (B) Paint becomes weak
    (C) Life of paint
    (D) To improve the appearance

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