Calculation of Timber Doors and Window Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Calculation of Timber Doors and Window Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the name of operation in circular saw machine?
Wood products, Calculation - 01
    (A) Ripping
    (B) Rebating
    (C) Tenoning
    (D) Grooving

2. What is the advantage of the stain?
    (A) Uniform color
    (B) Life of wood
    (C) Effective against termites
    (D) Good appearance

3. Which tree has short trunk and large branches?
    (A) Teak
    (B) Babul
    (C) Bamboo
    (D) Shisham

4. What is the name of window?
Wood products, Calculation - 04

    (A) Pivoted window
    (B) Clare storey window
    (C) Sliding window
    (D) Sash window

5. Which category of joints is used for increase width?
    (A) Framing joints
    (B) Box joints
    (C) Widening joints
    (D) Lengthening joints

6. What is the name of part marked as ‘x’?
Wood products, Calculation - 06

    (A) Sap wood
    (B) Heart wood
    (C) Bark
    (D) Pith

7. What is the relationship between width of door and height of door?
    (A) H = (width + 1.5 m)
    (B) H = (width + 1.35 m)
    (C) H = (width + 1.2 m)
    (D) H = (width + 1.1 m)

8. What is the merit of flush door?
    (A) Economical
    (B) Heavy weight
    (C) Simplest
    (D) More material

9. What is the name of tool with a long shank?
Wood products, Calculation - 09

    (A) Auger
    (B) Gimlet
    (C) Bradawl
    (D) Forstner bit

10. What is the term used for the pores on the surface are filled up with boiled linseed oil?
    (A) Grining
    (B) Stopping
    (C) Knotting
    (D) Sagging

11. Name the shake forms along the annual rings?
    (A) Cup shake
    (B) Star shake
    (C) Heart shake
    (D) Radial shake

12. What is the artificial seasoning while timber immersed in a solution of suitable salt?
    (A) Chemical seasoning
    (B) Electrical seasoning
    (C) Water seasoning
    (D) Kiln seasoning

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