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Carpentry Joints Mock Test - Exam Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. What is the message to indicate the movement of left arm over 90 Degree?
    (A) Return to arm
    (B) Establish the position
    (C) Move my right
    (D) Move my left

2. What is the thumb rule for breadth of window?
    (A) 1/5 (Width of room + Height of room)
    (B) 1/8 (Width of room + Height of room)
    (C) 1/10 (Width of room + Height of room)
    (D) 1/12 (Width of room + Height of room)

3. What method of contour is suitable for small and low undulating area?
    (A) By square method
    (B) By cross section method
    (C) By tachometry method
    (D) By levelling method

4. What levelling is called as in direct levelling?
    (A) Plane table levelling
    (B) Trigonometric levelling
    (C) Reciprocal levelling
    (D) Simple levelling

5. What is the term for rotating the telescope in horizontal plane about its vertical axis?
    (A) Cantering
    (B) Revolution
    (C) Swing
    (D) Sighting

6. Which type of the collimation error is eliminated?
    (A) Dumpy level
    (B) Wye (y) level
    (C) Cooke’s reversible level
    (D) Cushing’s level

7. Which method errors due to eccentricity of the spindles are eliminated by reading both the Vernier of the theodolite?
    (A) Ordinary method
    (B) Repetition method
    (C) Recitation method
    (D) Compound method

8. What is the relationship of width of door and H height of door?
    (A) H = (Width + 1.5 m)
    (B) H = (Width + 1.35 m)
    (C) H = (Width + 1.2 m)
    (D) H = (Width + 1.1 m)

9. What is the major disadvantage of open traverse?
    (A) There is no check on summation of angles
    (B) Check both linear and angular measurement
    (C) Traverse are terminate at the same point
    (D) Mathematically closed and geometrically

10. What is the method of precisely the horizontal angle from a single station point can be measured?
    (A) Reiteration method
    (B) Precipitation method
    (C) Radial method
    (D) Offset method

11. What is size of window shutter in window designation ‘12 WT 12’?
    (A) 1200 × 600 mm
    (B) 560 × 1100 mm
    (C) 1100 × 460 mm
    (D) 560 × 1200 mm

12. What is the process of sinking the edge of one piece of timber to another by cutting grooves across its grains?
    (A) Housing
    (B) Moulding
    (C) Planing
    (D) Chamfering

13. What is a depression / recess inside the doorframe to receive the shutter?
    (A) Mullion
    (B) Transom
    (C) Rebate
    (D) Sill

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