Chain Surveying Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Chain Surveying Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the limit of error in 20m chain as per IS?
    (A) ± 3 mm
    (B) ± 5 mm
    (C) ± 6 mm
    (D) ± 8 mm

2. What is the mark established between GTS bench marks by various government departments, PWD and other engineering agencies?
    (A) Change point
    (B) Arbitrary bench mark
    (C) Permanent bench mark
    (D) Temporary bench mark

3. What is the principle of survey?
    (A) Traverse
    (B) Triangulation
    (C) Work from whole to part
    (D) Work from part to whole

4. What is the chain of 100 feet long generally used for taking offset in chain surveying?
    (A) Gunter’s chain
    (B) Revenue chain
    (C) Metric chain
    (D) Engineer’s chain

5. Which type of tape is commonly used for measuring offset?
    (A) Linen tape
    (B) Steel tape
    (C) Invar tape
    (D) Metallic tape

6. What is the length if metallic tape available in meter?
    (A) 5 m and 10 m
    (B) 10 m and 15 m
    (C) 15 m and 20 m
    (D) 15 m and 30 m

7. What is the error that arises due to variation of temperature?
    (A) Natural error
    (B) Personal error
    (C) Instrumental error
    (D) Artificial error

8. What is the lateral surface distance measured from the chain to object?
    (A) Offset
    (B) Long offset
    (C) Short offset
    (D) Oblique offset

9. What is the length of one link in metric chain?
    (A) 10 cm
    (B) 15 cm
    (C) 20 cm
    (D) 25 cm

10. What is the term that is normal to plumb line at all points?
    (A) Level surface
    (B) Datum surface
    (C) Horizontal surface
    (D) Vertical surface

11. What is the length of metric chain?
    (A) 5 m and 20 m
    (B) 10 m and 15 m
    (C) 15 m and 20 m
    (D) 20 m and 30 m

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