Charging and Starting System MCQ Practice Test - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Charging and Starting System MCQ Practice Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which one is connected in the circuit between battery and starting motor?
    (A) Starter switch
    (B) Solenoid switch
    (C) Plunger
    (D) Ignition switch

2. Which part is used to allow current in only one direction in alternator?
    (A) Field coil
    (B) Armature
    (C) Voltage regulator
    (D) Diode

3. Which one of the component used to convert AC to DC in an alternator?
    (A) Field coil
    (B) Pole pieces
    (C) Voltage regulator
    (D) Rectifier

4. Which one of the cause for low voltage output from alternator?
    (A) Loose connection
    (B) Loose mountings
    (C) Fused indicator lamp
    (D) Broken drive belt

5. Which one is strong electromagnetic switch in starting system?
    (A) Starter switch
    (B) Solenoid switch
    (C) Ignition switch
    (D) Starter push switch

6. How does alternator get drive from engine?
    (A) By coupling
    (B) By gear
    (C) By chain
    (D) By belt

7. Which system is used to the crank the engine?
    (A) Charging system
    (B) Lighting system
    (C) Starting system
    (D) Cooling system

8. Which one is connected to the starter motor shaft?
    (A) Drive pinion
    (B) Ring gear
    (C) Drive pulley
    (D) Drive coupling

9. Which one produces DC supply?
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Alternator
    (C) Self motor
    (D) Transformer

10. Where does slip ring used?
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Alternator
    (C) Self motor
    (D) Transformer

11. Which one of the possible cause for alternator noisy?
    (A) Loose mounting
    (B) Blown fuse wire
    (C) Broken drive belt
    (D) Voltage regulator winding open

12. Which part prevents back flow of current in alternator?
    (A) Regulator
    (B) Rotor coil
    (C) Slip ring
    (D) Rectifier diode

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