Civil Engineering Questions on Treatment for Building - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineering Questions on Treatment for Building

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the defect in painting seen as glossy patches?
    (A) Blistering
    (B) Flashing
    (C) Sagging
    (D) Fading

2. What is the defect in painting that loose small portion due to poor adhesion?
    (A) Flaking
    (B) Flashing
    (C) Blistering
    (D) Sagging

3. What is the stage of anti termite treatment done before laying the floor entire leveled surface s are treated at rate of 5 liter of emulsion/m2?
    (A) Stage 1
    (B) Stage 2
    (C) Stage 3
    (D) Stage 4

4. What is the cement ratio used in guniting method of DPC?
    (A) 1 : 2
    (B) 1 : 3
    (C) 1 : 4
    (D) 1 : 5

5. What is the defect in formation of bubbles on painted surface due to water vapor?
    (A) Fading
    (B) Bloom
    (C) Blistering
    (D) Flashing

6. What is the structural member that should be constructed with fire resistant material and well separated from heat of the building?
    (A) Wall openings
    (B) Floors and roofs
    (C) Walls and columns
    (D) Building fire escape element

7. What is the common wall thickness for fire resistance?
    (A) 45
    (B) 40
    (C) 30
    (D) 20

8. Which plaster material is used for making the room sound proof?
    (A) Barium
    (B) Asbestos cement
    (C) Acoustic
    (D) Granite silicon

9. What is the treatment to protect the building against termites to remove stumps, roots, logs and waste?
    (A) Soil treatment
    (B) Structural treatment
    (C) Pre construction treatment
    (D) Post construction treatment

10. What is the material used for quick setting highly elastic and superior work?
    (A) Barium plaster
    (B) Acoustic plaster
    (C) Gypsum plaster
    (D) Granite silicon plaster

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