Diesel Fuel System Components Objective Practice Test Paper - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Diesel Fuel System Components Objective Practice Test Paper - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. How many fuel chambers are in HEUI?
    (A) One
    (B) Two
    (C) Three
    (D) Four

2. Where the diesel fuel is obtained?
    (A) Crude oil
    (B) Vegetable
    (C) Animal oil
    (D) Synthetic oil

3. Which fuel system develops the high diesel pressure by hydraulic energy?
    (A) Inline FIP
    (B) Distributor FIP
    (C) CRDI fuel system
    (D) HEUI fuel system

4. Which feed system reduces above 50% unburnt hydrocarbon?
    (A) In line fuel injection system
    (B) Distributor fuel injection system
    (C) Electronic control system
    (D) Air blast fuel injection system

5. How the pressure, is maintaining in the high pressure pipe line of FIP?
    (A) Control rack
    (B) Delivery valve
    (C) Barrel
    (D) Plunger

6. Why baffles are provided in the fuel tank?
    (A) Minimize the slashing of fuel in the tank
    (B) To strengthen the fuel tank
    (C) To make chambers in the fuel tank
    (D) To make square and lengthy fuel tank

7. Which is control the minimum and maximum speed of the diesel engine?
    (A) FIP
    (B) Governor
    (C) Injector
    (D) Feed pump

8. Which part builds up fuel injection pressure in fuel injector?
    (A) Solenoid
    (B) Regulator
    (C) Common rail
    (D) Fuel pump

9. How much maximum pressure, develops by high pressure diesel pump in CRDI engine
    (A) 500 Kg/cm2
    (B) 800 Kg/cm2
    (C) 2000 Kg/cm2
    (D) 1600 Kg/cm2

10. Which part atomizes the fuel into engine cylinder?
    (A) Injector
    (B) FIP
    (C) Governor
    (D) Feed pump

11. In CRDI engine fuel system, where the excessive fuel returns?
    (A) Reside in the rail itself
    (B) Return to high pressure pump
    (C) Return to the fuel tank
    (D) Return to fuel filter

12. How the quantity of fuel delivery vary in running diesel engine?
    (A) By plunger
    (B) By control sleeve
    (C) By control rack
    (D) By injection

13. What is the effect of detonation occurs in diesel engine?
    (A) Knocking sound in engine
    (B) More engine power
    (C) High engine speed
    (D) Suddenly stop the engine

14. Which nozzle having an auxiliary spray hole with main hole?
    (A) Single hole nozzle
    (B) Multi hole nozzle
    (C) Pintle nozzle
    (D) Pintaux nozzle

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