Diesel Mechanic Specification and Service Equipments MCQ - ObjectiveBooks

Diesel Mechanic Specification and Service Equipments MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which type service equipment used in car service station to lift the car?
    (A) Arbor press
    (B) Hydraulic jack
    (C) Hydraulic hoist
    (D) Hydraulic press

2. When did Maruti car launched in India?
    (A) 1920
    (B) 1940
    (C) 1983
    (D) 1990

3. What is the term for 2 WD in vehicle specification?
    (A) Two wheel drive
    (B) Four wheel drive
    (C) Rear wheel drive
    (D) Front wheel drive

4. Which year Hindustan motor established Ambassador Car industry in India?
    (A) 1900
    (B) 1920
    (C) 1940
    (D) 1980

5. What is the information given by 6J × 15?
    (A) Rim size
    (B) Tyre size
    (C) Engine size
    (D) Vehicle size

6. Which type of vehicle capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input?
    (A) Diesel car
    (B) Petrol car
    (C) Electric car
    (D) Driver less car

7. Which is the digit indicate the engine type in the groups of VDC 17 digit of VIN number?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 5
    (D) 8

8. Which is used for quick inspection under the chassis of a car?
    (A) Stands
    (B) Screw jack
    (C) Trolley jack
    (D) Two post hoist

9. When did first car rolled out in the street of Calcutta (Kolkata)?
    (A) 1810
    (B) 1887
    (C) 1910
    (D) 1950

10. What indicate 2498 CC in vehicle specification?
    (A) Engine capacity
    (B) Full tank capacity
    (C) Single bore capacity
    (D) Master cylinder capacity

11. Which increasing the torque in the steering system?
    (A) Drop arm
    (B) Gear box
    (C) Fluid plump
    (D) Knuckle arm

12. What indicate 12 - 17 digit in 17 digit VIN number?
    (A) Body type
    (B) Vehicle type
    (C) Serial number
    (D) Plant of product

13. Which type of service equipment used to hold the lifted vehicle for a long period?
    (A) Hoist
    (B) Jack stand
    (C) Arbor press
    (D) Hydraulic jack

14. Which is the Ministry of India regulate the motor vehicle activities?
    (A) Ministry of finance
    (B) Ministry of defense
    (C) Ministry of rural and development
    (D) Ministry of road transport and highways

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