DOS (Disk Operating System) Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

DOS (Disk Operating System) Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which command is used to specify the location of files or folders in MSDOS?
    (A) Dir
    (B) Path
    (C) Sub directories
    (D) Tree

2. What is the maximum number of character allowed as file name in DOS?
    (A) 3 characters
    (B) 6 characters
    (C) 7 characters
    (D) 8 characters

3. Which Linux command list the content of all sub directories?
    (A) "ls ~"
    (B) "ls * /"
    (C) "ls /"
    (D) "ls ../"

4. Write the Linux command to remove all the permission to the user and group on the directory 'software'?
    (A) chmod ug - rwx software
    (B) chmod ug - a software
    (C) chmod ug - A software
    (D) chmod ug - Rwx software

5. Which Linux command is used to sort the text file ‘network’ in descending order?
    (A) Sort / r network
    (B) Sort - r network
    (C) Sort + r network
    (D) Sort \ r network

6. Which DOS command is used to delete a directory?
    (A) RD
    (B) REMOVE
    (C) DEL
    (D) DELETE

7. Which one of the following is the wildcard character?
    (A) "* and /"
    (B) "? and /"
    (C) "* and ?"
    (D) "? and @"

8. Which character redirects the output of one command to another in Linux?
    (A) ". dot"
    (B) "| pipe"
    (C) ": colon"
    (D) "; semicolon"

9. Which command is used to release the read only permission?
    (A) attrib -r filename
    (B) attrib +r filename
    (C) attrib /r filename
    (D) attrib \r filename

10. Which Linux command to set the permission ‘x’ to user, ‘rw’ to others and ‘rwx’ to group for the file launcher?
    (A) chmod 176 launcher
    (B) chmod 671 launcher
    (C) chmod 167 launcher
    (D) chmod 166 launcher

11. What is the name of hierarchical file system in DOS?
    (A) Tree structure
    (B) Root structure
    (C) Hybrid structure
    (D) Directory structure

12. Which filename will matches the command. DIR????T.TxT in DOS?
    (A) TIME . TXT
    (B) TEXT . TXT
    (C) TEMP . TXT
    (D) TEMPT . TxT

13. What is use of ‘who’ command in Linux?
    (A) Login user
    (B) Logout user
    (C) Login password
    (D) Logout password

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