Fastening Diesel Mechanic Multiple Choice Questions Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Fastening Diesel Mechanic Multiple Choice Questions Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which type of portable drilling machine has variable speed?
    (A) Breast hand drill
    (B) Heavy duty electric hard drill
    (C) Ratchet hand drill
    (D) Bevel gear hand drill

2. Which key used for easy fixing and removing?
    (A) Feather key
    (B) Gib-Head key
    (C) Hollow saddle key
    (D) Circular tapper key

3. Which type of the file used for filling wood and leather?
    (A) Rasp cut file
    (B) Bastard file
    (C) Second cut file
    (D) Smooth file

4. How to hold the small jobs while working on bench grinder?
    (A) Hold the job with cotton waste
    (B) Hold the job with gloves
    (C) Hold the job with pliers
    (D) Hold the job with hand

5. Which angle helps in the penetration of the cutting edges in the material?
    (A) Helix angle
    (B) Point angle
    (C) Clearance angle
    (D) Rake angle

6. Which nut is used for structural and machine tool construction?
    (A) Square nut
    (B) Hexagonal nut
    (C) Wing nut
    (D) Castle nut

7. Which key is used for tapered shaft fitting?
    (A) Woodruff key
    (B) Feather key
    (C) Flat saddle key
    (D) Hollow saddle key

8. Which type of fit represent the tolerance zone of the hole and shaft over lap each other?
    (A) Transition fit
    (B) Clearance fit
    (C) Shrinkage fit
    (D) Interference fit

9. Which drilling machine is used to drill holes between 6 mm to 12 mm?
    (A) Breast drill
    (B) Ratchet hand drill
    (C) Pneumatic hand drill
    (D) Electric hand drill light duty

10. Why alternate teeth are staggered in hacksaw blade?
    (A) For free cutting action
    (B) For curve cutting action
    (C) For coarse cutting action
    (D) For straight cutting action

11. Which type of nut required to align the axle shaft hole and slot of the nut for locking?
    (A) Castle nut
    (B) Chuck nut
    (C) Thumb nut
    (D) Self lock nut

12. Which nut provided with Nylon ring in the groove?
    (A) T-nut
    (B) Castle nut
    (C) Slotted nut
    (D) Self locking nut

13. What are the tools are used to remove the drills and sockets from the machine spindle?
    (A) Screw driver and hammer
    (B) Spanner and hammer
    (C) Punch and hammer
    (D) Drift and hammer

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