Garment Part Construction or Finishing MCQ with Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Part Construction or Finishing MCQ with Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is used to tighten and loosen the waist line of garment?
    (A) Hem
    (B) Gathering
    (C) Casing
    (D) Pleat

2. How is called on the bias?
    (A) Warp direction
    (B) Weft direction
    (C) Grain
    (D) Diagonal to wrap and weft

3. What is the name of lip piece closing the pocket mouth?
    (A) Pocket
    (B) Pocket flap
    (C) Pocket hem
    (D) Pocket welt

4. Which type of fabric is mostly used for piping?
    (A) Steel fabric
    (B) Lining fabric
    (C) Contrast fabric
    (D) Non-woven fabric

5. Which type of zipper is hidden type?
    (A) Open end zipper
    (B) Ladder
    (C) Concealed
    (D) Chain

6. Where the casing is used commonly?
    (A) Waist band
    (B) Neck line
    (C) Seam line
    (D) Shoulder line

7. What is the purpose of frills?
    (A) Finishing
    (B) Decorating
    (C) Fastening
    (D) Trimming

8. What is the function of banding?
    (A) Folding
    (B) Reducing
    (C) Extension
    (D) Twisting

9. Which stitch is used to finish the drowsing holes in casing?
    (A) Running
    (B) Blanket
    (C) Stain
    (D) Herringbone

10. Which neck design is suitable for round face?
    (A) Square neck
    (B) U - Neck
    (C) V - Neck
    (D) Closed neck

11. Which fabric is used to construct patch pocket on formal shirt?
    (A) Self fabric
    (B) Lining fabric
    (C) Non-woven fabric
    (D) Mesh fabric

12. Which is used as a decorative purpose in neck lines?
    (A) Facing
    (B) Piping
    (C) Banding
    (D) Shaped facing

13. What is the shape of the corner if one hem width is wider the other side in overlapping corner?
    (A) Square
    (B) Circular
    (C) Rectangle
    (D) Triangle

14. Which is suitable for thin and long necks figure?
    (A) Flat collar
    (B) Standing collar
    (C) Scoop neck
    (D) Square neck

15. What is the permanent remedy for cutting of stepped neck corners?
    (A) Pressing
    (B) Using canvas
    (C) Stitching with heavy thread
    (D) Starching the material

16. What is the other variation of contour dart?
    (A) Standard dart
    (B) French dart
    (C) Double pointed darts
    (D) Waist darts

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