How to Design Garment in Textile Industry Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

How to Design Garment in Textile Industry Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the process of cutting off unnecessary threads from the finished garments?
    (A) Combing
    (B) Folding
    (C) Ironing
    (D) Trimming

2. What is the size of blades used in button hole making machine?
    (A) 1' - 2'
    (B) 3/4' - 1'
    (C) 1/2' - 3/4'
    (D) 1/4' - 1/2'

3. What is the role of dart in blouse?
    (A) Good fit
    (B) Ease
    (C) Fastening
    (D) Decorative

4. What is called opening in lower garment?
    (A) Bows
    (B) Frill
    (C) Fastening
    (D) Fly

5. What is a fusing material?
    (A) Stained material
    (B) Adhesive material
    (C) Interlining
    (D) Luxurious material

6. How to remove creases formed during sewing?
    (A) Ironing
    (B) Folding
    (C) Finishing
    (D) Trimming

7. Which is the classic dress of Indian women?
    (A) Saree
    (B) Kameez Salwar
    (C) Churidar kurta
    (D) Gown

8. What includes all the expenditures for the material of the work piece?
    (A) Cost of stitching
    (B) Cost of transport
    (C) Cost of production
    (D) Cost of material

9. Who is a toddler?
    (A) Children from 6 months - 4 years
    (B) Children from 1 year - 5 years
    (C) Children from 8 months - 2 year
    (D) Children from 1 year - 2 year

10. How grain line is indicated in patterns?
    (A) By arrow mark
    (B) By points
    (C) By notches
    (D) By lines

11. How the garment size identified?
    (A) Warning sticker
    (B) Size sticker
    (C) Hand tags
    (D) Innes collar band

12. Which stage is called as children's stage?
    (A) 2 - 10 years
    (B) 6 - 18 years
    (C) 4 - 14 years
    (D) 5 - 10 years

13. Which is a method of bulk packing?
    (A) Flat pack
    (B) Carton packing
    (C) Hinges packing
    (D) Roll packing

14. What is buckram?
    (A) Interlocking
    (B) Interlooping
    (C) Interfacing
    (D) Interlining

15. Which blouse is stitched without dart?
    (A) Katori
    (B) Plain
    (C) Raglan
    (D) Knotted

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