How to Make Dresses - Garment Construction MCQs - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

How to Make Dresses - Garment Construction MCQs - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which collar consumes more fabric in basic style with standard neck measurement?
    (A) Mandarin collar
    (B) Band collar
    (C) Shirt collar
    (D) Stand collar

2. Which material is preferred for stitching churidar?
    (A) Cotton
    (B) Silk
    (C) Wool
    (D) Nylon

3. What is the grain of basic kameez?
    (A) Lengthwise
    (B) Widthwise
    (C) Bias
    (D) Diagonal

4. How the side slit is finished in kameez?
    (A) Fold on wrong side
    (B) Fold on right side
    (C) Fold on both sides
    (D) Cutting by pinking scissor

5. How the sleeveless armholes are finished?
    (A) Shaped hemming
    (B) Shaped facing
    (C) Shaped trimming
    (D) Gathering

6. Which tool is used to draft pant inseam?
    (A) French curve
    (B) Curve ruler
    (C) L - Scale
    (D) Set square

7. Which is used to press the collar point?
    (A) Point pressure
    (B) Sleeve board
    (C) Needle board
    (D) Pressing board

8. Which sleeve armhole seam runs from neck line to under arm?
    (A) Set in sleeve
    (B) Cut on sleeve
    (C) Raglan sleeve
    (D) Kimono sleeve

9. Which type of sleeves are manipulated to form new designs?
    (A) Set in sleeve
    (B) Cut in sleeve
    (C) Kimono sleeve
    (D) Raglan sleeve

10. What is the first operation for stitching churidar?
    (A) Casing
    (B) Inseam joining
    (C) Bottom hemming
    (D) Bottom gathering

11. Which is used to trace the kameez pattern on fabric?
    (A) Water soluble pen
    (B) Tailor chalk
    (C) Pencil
    (D) Pen

12. Which dart is used in kameez?
    (A) Half dart
    (B) Full dart
    (C) Both half and full dart
    (D) Centre front dart

13. How the churidar waist line is finished?
    (A) Binding
    (B) Facing
    (C) Casing
    (D) Piping

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