How to use Accounting Software Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

How to use Accounting Software Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which shortcut key is used to shut a company from the gateway of Tally screen?
    (A) Alt + F1
    (B) Alt + F3
    (C) Alt + F5
    (D) Alt + F7

2. Which shortcut key is used to remove a line in a report in report screen?
    (A) Alt + I
    (B) Alt + R
    (C) Alt + S
    (D) Alt + X

3. Which report displays ledgers and group summary information for the selected cost centre?
    (A) Category summary
    (B) Cost centre Break-up
    (C) Ledger break-up
    (D) Group Break-up

4. What type of software is Tally?
    (A) Accounting Software
    (B) Application Software
    (C) Language Translator
    (D) System Software

5. Which is the main book of final entry for accounts?
    (A) Balance sheet
    (B) Ledger
    (C) Receipts
    (D) Vouchers

6. What is the rule for real account?
    (A) Debtor the receiver, Creditor the giver
    (B) Debtor the giver, Creditor the receiver
    (C) Debit comes in, Credit goes out
    (D) Debit goes out, Credit comes in

7. Who gives benefits without receiving money, but will claim in future?
    (A) Creditor
    (B) Debtor
    (C) Owner
    (D) Worker

8. Which combination of key is used to change the financial period in Tally?
    (A) F2
    (B) Alt + F2
    (C) Ctrl + F2
    (D) Shift + F2

9. What is the purpose of Technological feature in Tally?
    (A) Allows importing and exporting data
    (B) Flexible units of measure
    (C) Provides budgeting option
    (D) Provides option for data backup

10. Which sequence of option is used to view the trial balance on the screen?
    (A) Gateway of Tally ->Trial balance
    (B) Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Trial Balance
    (C) Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info -> Trial Balance
    (D) Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Account Book -> Trial balance

11. Which is prepared to ascertain actual profit or loss of the business?
    (A) Balance sheet
    (B) Book-keeping
    (C) Profit and loss account
    (D) Trading account

12. Which shortcut key is used to activate calculator in Tally?
    (A) Ctrl + C
    (B) Ctrl + M
    (C) Ctrl + N
    (D) Ctrl + T

13. Which term is used for receiving aspects of a transaction?
    (A) Credit
    (B) Debit
    (C) Profit
    (D) Receipt

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