MCQ on Information Security and Cyber Laws - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ on Information Security and Cyber Laws - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which types of VPNs are used for corporate connectivity across companies residing in different geographical location?
    (A) Remote access VPNs
    (B) Site-to-site VPNs
    (C) Peer-to-Peer VPNs
    (D) Router-to-router VPNs

2. Phishing is a form of __________.
    (A) Spamming
    (B) Identify Theft
    (C) Impersonation
    (D) Scanning

3. For p = 11 and q = 17 and choose e=7. Apply RSA algorithm where Cipher message=11 and thus find the plain text.
    (A) 88
    (B) 122
    (C) 143
    (D) 111

4. When a hash function is used to provide message authentication, the hash function value is referred to as
    (A) Message Field
    (B) Message Digest
    (C) Message Score
    (D) Message Leap

5. Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) belongs to which Internet Security Protocol?
    (A) Secure Socket Layer Protocol
    (B) Secure IP Protocol
    (C) Secure Http Protocol
    (D) Transport Layer Security Protocol

6. Which of the following are used to generate a message digest by the network security protocols?
    (A) RSA & DES
    (B) SHA-1 & DES
    (C) SHA-1 & MD5
    (D) MD5 & DES

7. What is the effectiveness of an n-bit hash value?
    (A) 22n
    (B) 2n
    (C) 2-n
    (D) 2-2n

8. Certificate extensions fall into 3 categories. Which one of the following is not a Certificate extensions category?
    (A) Subject and Issuer attributes
    (B) Key and Policy information
    (C) Certification path constraints
    (D) All of the above are Certificate extensions categories

9. In tunnel mode, IPSec protects the ________
    (A) Entire IP packet
    (B) IP header
    (C) IP payload
    (D) IP trailer

10. Sniffing is used to perform __________ fingerprinting.
    (A) Passive attack
    (B) Active attack
    (C) Passive banner grabbing
    (D) Scanned

11. Why did SSL certificate require in HTTP?
    (A) For making security weak
    (B) For making information move faster
    (C) For encrypted data sent over HTTP protocol
    (D) For sending and receiving emails unencrypted

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