MCQ Test on Taper Turning, Thread Cutting and Sine Bar - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ Test on Taper Turning, Thread Cutting and Sine Bar - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the procedure to built up the slip gauge for particular dimension?
    (A) Start wringing with the small slip gauge
    (B) Maximum number of block
    (C) Minimum number of block
    (D) Built with grade '0' accuracy

2. What is the taper ratio for a taper length of 20 units the difference in diameter is one unit?
    (A) 1:15
    (B) 1:20
    (C) 2:15
    (D) 3:20

3. Which one of the following taper turning methods can be used for cutting internal taper with power feed?
    (A) Combination of feeds
    (B) Tail stock off set method
    (C) Taper turning attachment
    (D) Compound rest swiveling method

4. What measurement is taken from the screw thread measurement?
    (A) Major diameter
    (B) Minor diameter
    (C) Pitch diameter
    (D) Effective diameter

5. What material is used to make slip gauge blocks?
    (A) High graded steel
    (B) High carbon steel
    (C) Low graded steel
    (D) Tool steel

6. What material is used to clean the slip gauge before use?
    (A) Petroleum jelly
    (B) Carbon tetrachloride
    (C) Lubricant oil
    (D) Acid free Vaseline

7. What is ratio of standard pin tapers used in taper pins?
    (A) 1:30
    (B) 1:40
    (C) 1:50
    (D) 2:30

8. What are the ranges of Morse tapers used on taper shank twist drills, reamers and lathe centers?
    (A) 0 to 4
    (B) 0 to 5
    (C) 1 to 4
    (D) 1 to 5

9. Which method of taper turning the taper length is limited to movement of the top slide?
    (A) Form turning
    (B) Tailstock offset method
    (C) Compound rest method
    (D) Taper turning attachment

10. What is the width of flat of square thread having pitch of 6 mm?
    (A) 6 mm
    (B) 4 mm
    (C) 3 mm
    (D) 2 mm

11. What grade of slip gauge used for precision tool room applications?
    (A) Grade '0' accuracy
    (B) Grade 2 accuracy
    (C) Grade 1 accuracy
    (D) Grade '00' accuracy

12. What is the ratio of amount of standard pin taper in British system?
    (A) 1:20
    (B) 1:48
    (C) 1:50
    (D) 1:100

13. Calculate the angle of tapered components the height of the slip gauge is 84.52 mm, the length of the sine bar is 200 mm.
    (A) 25°
    (B) 28°
    (C) 31°
    (D) 22°

14. What is the included angle of metric acme thread?
    (A) 30°
    (B) 29°
    (C) 24°
    (D) 20°

15. How many grades of slip gauges recommended as per IS 2984?
    (A) 5
    (B) 4
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

16. What grade of slip gauge used calibration of inspection?
    (A) Grade '0' accuracy
    (B) Grade 2 accuracy
    (C) Grade 1 accuracy
    (D) Grade 00 accuracy

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