MCQ with Answers on E-Commerce - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ with Answers on E-Commerce - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which type of E - Commerce is tenders and submission of application?
    (A) b2b
    (B) b2c
    (C) g2c
    (D) g2b

2. What is the full form of COD in E -Commerce?
    (A) Cash on Delivery
    (B) Cash on Demand
    (C) Commerce on Delivery
    (D) Cart on Delivery

3. Which type of attack is a method of defeating a cryptographic scheme of trying a large number of possibilities?
    (A) Teardrop attack
    (B) Brute force attack
    (C) Phlashing
    (D) Smurf attack

4. Which option in E - Commerce, helps to keep selected products until checkout / payment?
    (A) Basket
    (B) Cart
    (C) Tray
    (D) COD

5. Which is the set of rules that limits access to information?
    (A) Availability
    (B) Integrity
    (C) Authenticity
    (D) Confidentiality

6. What is the another name called PDoS?
    (A) Brute force attack
    (B) Non technical attack
    (C) Phlashing
    (D) Smurf attack

7. What is the full form of EDI?
    (A) Electronic Data Interchange
    (B) Electronic Direct Interchange
    (C) Electronic Data Information
    (D) Electronic Data Interconnection

8. Which type of E - Commerce is Amazon?
    (A) b2b
    (B) b2c
    (C) g2b
    (D) g2c

9. Which is the model in E - Commerce, if the seller is a business and the individual is an consumer?
    (A) Consumer to Business
    (B) Business to Consumer
    (C) Business to Business
    (D) Consumer to Consumer

10. Which refers to paying the money back to the buyer after the price has been deducted from the account?
    (A) Refund
    (B) Return
    (C) Deduction
    (D) Charge base

11. What is the purpose of OLX web site?
    (A) Uploading Files
    (B) Buying and selling products
    (C) Searching Documents
    (D) Recovering files

12. What is the abbreviation of CGI?
    (A) Computer Gateway Interface
    (B) Common Gateway Interface
    (C) Computer Gateway Interconnection
    (D) Common Gateway Interconnection

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