Mechanical Draughtsman - Machine Foundation MCQ Practice Test - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Draughtsman - Machine Foundation MCQ Practice Test - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Why free space is kept around the machine?
    (A) For operation only
    (B) For operation & maintenance
    (C) For maintenance only
    (D) For take rest of worker

2. What is the another name of foundation bolt?
    (A) Nut bolt
    (B) Anchor bolt
    (C) Screw bolt
    (D) Thread bolt

3. How much working area will be covered by the left hand for designing an efficient work space?
    (A) Normal working area
    (B) Zero working area
    (C) Maximum working area
    (D) Minimum working area

4. Which of the following statement about concrete is correct?
    (A) Can bear both tensile & compressive loads
    (B) Cannot bear both tensile & compressive loading
    (C) Can bear only tensile load
    (D) Cannot bear tensile load

5. In which bolt a key is inserted?
    (A) Rag bolt
    (B) Eye foundation bolt
    (C) Lewis bolt
    (D) Square bolt

6. The material of eye foundation bolt is?
    (A) M.S. or W.I.
    (B) Only M.S.
    (C) Only W.I.
    (D) Only Aluminium

7. Which of the following is related to ergonomics?
    (A) Terminology
    (B) Physiology
    (C) Ophthalmology
    (D) Anthology

8. Which bolt is secure the machine to its foundation?
    (A) Square bolt
    (B) Eye bolt
    (C) T- bolt
    (D) J-bolt

9. Which type of foundation bolts are used for fixing heavy machines?
    (A) Cotter foundation bolt
    (B) Eye foundation bolt
    (C) Rag foundation bolt
    (D) Lewis foundation bolt

10. Leveling bolts are used for?
    (A) Rigidity of machine
    (B) Adjusting the height of machine
    (C) Supporting the load for machine
    (D) Adjusting the length of machine

11. In cement grouting what is the mixture of sand & cement?
    (A) 4 parts of sand 1 part of cement
    (B) 3 parts of sand 2 part of cement
    (C) 2 parts of sand 1 part of cement
    (D) 1 parts of sand 1 part of cement

12. Which of the following factors ergonomics is related to human for?
    (A) Only comfort
    (B) Only safety
    (C) Comfort & safety
    (D) Hygiene

13. Which type of machine foundation uses a hollow concrete block?
    (A) Frame type
    (B) Box type
    (C) Block type
    (D) Wall type

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