Milling and Boring ITI Machinist Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Milling and Boring ITI Machinist Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the least count of gear tooth vernier caliper?
    (A) 0.1 mm
    (B) 0.01 mm
    (C) 0.2 mm
    (D) 0.02 mm

2. What is the use of template?
    (A) Checking the contour of component
    (B) Checking the length of component
    (C) Checking the weight of component
    (D) Checking the width of component

3. Which formula is used to find out the linear pitch of a rack?
    (A) (A - Z) 40
    (B) Pi × m
    (C) 40/z
    (D) Pi × m/2

4. How many hole circle is suitable for indexing 48 division in index plate?
    (A) 18
    (B) 20
    (C) 23
    (D) 29

5. Why the over arm is provided on horizontal milling machine?
    (A) It reduce the vibration of table while milling
    (B) It support the other end of arbor
    (C) It guide the top end of elevating screw
    (D) It support the knee

6. Where is rack milling attachment fixed on a milling machine?
    (A) Between the knee and Elevation screw
    (B) Between the face of the column and Arbor support
    (C) Between the saddle and Knee
    (D) Between the column and Knee

7. Where the index crank is fixed on index head?
    (A) Sector arm
    (B) Index plate
    (C) Worm shaft
    (D) Worm gear

8. How angular boring is done using a vertical milling machine?
    (A) Swiveling the machine vice
    (B) Swiveling the table
    (C) Swiveling the spindle head
    (D) Swiveling the column

9. Which part of a gear tooth vernier caliper is used to set the addendum height?
    (A) Vertical slide with blade
    (B) Horizontal slide with movable jaw
    (C) Vertical slide and fixed jaw
    (D) Graduated vertical beam and fixed jaw

10. Which machine the spindle can be moved up and down?
    (A) Vertical milling machine
    (B) Horizontal milling machine
    (C) Lathe machine
    (D) Shaping machine

11. Which part has the movable jaw of gear tooth vernier caliper?
    (A) Vertical sliding head
    (B) Horizontal sliding
    (C) Fine adjustment head
    (D) Vertical slide blade

12. Which machine is provided with the over arm support for reduce chattering?
    (A) Vertical milling machine
    (B) Shaping machine
    (C) Horizontal milling machine
    (D) Slotting machine

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