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Objective Questions on Program editing, Setting and Simulation

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is the input of CNC lathe?
    (A) Microphone
    (B) Control panel
    (C) Joy stick
    (D) Mouse

2. What is 'F' for the given block G01 X20 Y50 F120?
    (A) Function
    (B) Feed back
    (C) Feed
    (D) Frequency

3. Which offset is used to adjust the machined size become x 40.44 mm instead of programmed size x 40.49 reduced 0.04 mm?
    (A) Work offset
    (B) Geometrical offset
    (C) Wear offset
    (D) Tool offset

4. Which mode allows an operation to check the program by executing only one program block at a time?
    (A) Single block mode
    (B) MDI mode
    (C) Edit mode
    (D) Auto mode

5. Which is the control developed by Siemens company?
    (A) Usage
    (B) Allen
    (C) Mazatrol
    (D) Sinumerik

6. What is the expansion of MDI in CNC?
    (A) Manual Data Input
    (B) Managing Diet Instruction
    (C) Maintain the Data Instruction
    (D) Machine Development in Industry

7. How the simulation take place in CNC machine?
    (A) By hardware device
    (B) Through a software
    (C) Through machined device
    (D) Through electric device

8. Which is axis of spindle in CNC lathe?
    (A) X axis
    (B) Y axis
    (C) Z axis
    (D) All of the above

9. What is the explanation of program N005G01 X 5Z-30?
    (A) Taper turning for the length of 30 mm
    (B) Tool returns out to its initial position
    (C) Tool is moving towards left by 30 mm
    (D) Against, infeed of 5 mm in given

10. What is the simulation process in a CNC machine?
    (A) Planning function
    (B) Implementing function
    (C) Verification activity
    (D) Correcting function

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