Pattern and Layout of Dress Making MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Pattern and Layout of Dress Making MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which figure is abnormal growth in stomach area?
    (A) Stooping shoulder
    (B) Square shoulder
    (C) Corpulent figure
    (D) Erect figure

2. What is it called basic pattern?
    (A) Block pattern
    (B) Working pattern
    (C) First pattern
    (D) Personal pattern

3. How many types of pattern grading methods are there?
    (A) 2
    (B) 4
    (C) 3
    (D) 6

4. What is the name of placket finished with a facing?
    (A) Continuous bound placket
    (B) Faced placket
    (C) Shirt placket
    (D) Doghouse placket

5. How many classifications are there for sleeves?
    (A) Two types
    (B) Three types
    (C) Four types
    (D) Six types

6. What is used for marking the patterns layout on fabric?
    (A) Marker
    (B) Grading
    (C) Drafting
    (D) Flat pattern designing

7. Which type of fullness is used to increase fullness and make arc shape?
    (A) One sided fullness
    (B) Equal fullness
    (C) Unequal fullness
    (D) Sided fullness

8. Which skirt is required more fabric?
    (A) Umbrella skirt
    (B) Tulip skirt
    (C) A' line skirt
    (D) Straight skirt

9. What is the advantage of pattern grading?
    (A) Accuracy
    (B) Time saving
    (C) Consistency
    (D) Perfection

10. Which is the direction of the fibers in woven fabric?
    (A) Line
    (B) Selvedge
    (C) Grain
    (D) Seam

11. How many parts can be divided the normal figure?
    (A) 6
    (B) 8
    (C) 4
    (D) 5

12. Which one is wide collar with long pointed ends in the front?
    (A) Puritan collar
    (B) Sailor collar
    (C) Cape collar
    (D) Shawl collar

13. What is the other name for commercial pattern?
    (A) Individual patterns
    (B) Ready - made patterns
    (C) Manual patterns
    (D) Block patterns

14. What are the primary colors?
    (A) Red, Yellow and Blue
    (B) Red, Yellow and Green
    (C) Yellow, Green and Blue
    (D) Green, Blue and Red

15. Which type of sleeve is used to develop various sleeve styles?
    (A) Bishop sleeve
    (B) Puff sleeve
    (C) Raglan sleeve
    (D) Plain sleeve

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