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Pattern and Layout of Garment Making Processes MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which type of lay has individual components?
    (A) Single pick lay
    (B) Double pick lay
    (C) Deficient lay
    (D) Multiple lay

2. What is out seam?
    (A) Side seam joining front and back of parts
    (B) Seam allowance for parts
    (C) Logline of the part
    (D) Seam between front and back of parts

3. What is the name of parts, having length between crotch and knee?
    (A) Jamaica
    (B) Bermudas
    (C) Pedal pusher
    (D) Shorts

4. How commercial pattern are prepared?
    (A) Standard measurements
    (B) Individual measurements
    (C) Approximately
    (D) By measuring old garments

5. What kinds of figures are seen in army and police?
    (A) Erect figure
    (B) Tall and Thin
    (C) Stooping figure
    (D) Short and Stout

6. How many types of manual markers are used in garment industry?
    (A) 6
    (B) 4
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

7. Which one is a plain weave unfinished cotton fabric?
    (A) Mull
    (B) Muslin
    (C) Poplin
    (D) Calico

8. Which unit has hair to chin in eight head theory?
    (A) Unit 1
    (B) Unit 2
    (C) Unit 3
    (D) Unit 4

9. How many layer of fabric is used to make a western yoke?
    (A) Two layers
    (B) Single layer
    (C) Three layers
    (D) Four layers

10. What is called on act of altering the original shape to new pattern shape?
    (A) Pattern manipulation
    (B) Dart manipulation
    (C) Pleat manipulation
    (D) Tuck manipulation

11. How many types of draping techniques?
    (A) 6
    (B) 5
    (C) 4
    (D) 3

12. What is the name of process to set the yarns with steam and heat?
    (A) Draping
    (B) Tearing
    (C) Pressing
    (D) Blocking

13. What is the expansion of HBL?
    (A) Horizontal Balance Line
    (B) Vertical Balance Line
    (C) Cross Balance Line
    (D) Zigzag Balance Line

14. Which human figure requires more fabric?
    (A) Tall and prominent
    (B) Small and thin
    (C) Sloping shoulder
    (D) Straight shoulder

15. What is a wedge shape contour in a pattern to control the fit of a garment?
    (A) Tucks
    (B) Pleat
    (C) Dart
    (D) Frill

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