Pattern on Carpenter and Metal working MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Pattern on Carpenter and Metal working MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which color is used for identification of machining allowance on layout?
    (A) Red
    (B) Blue
    (C) Grey
    (D) Black

2. Which type of timber is used for machine moulding pattern?
    (A) Teak
    (B) Pine
    (C) Deodar
    (D) Mahogany

3. Which pattern is used for making bell shaped casting?
    (A) Gated pattern
    (B) Sweep pattern
    (C) Loose piece pattern
    (D) Cope and drag pattern

4. Which core print is required in the parting line of the mould?
    (A) Cover core print
    (B) Vertical core print
    (C) Balance core print
    (D) Horizontal core print

5. How much degree of drafting allowance is provided in pattern external surface?
    (A) 4°
    (B) 3°
    (C) 2°
    (D) 1°

6. Which type of pencil is used to darken the scribed line in layout?
    (A) H
    (B) 2H
    (C) HB
    (D) 3H

7. What is the advantage of color code?
    (A) Treat the particular surface
    (B) Improve the weight
    (C) Improve the strength
    (D) Improve the working qualities

8. Which wood is used by dowel?
    (A) Sal
    (B) Kail
    (C) Babul
    (D) Bamboo

9. What is the purpose of standard color in pattern?
    (A) Identification
    (B) Maintain the weight
    (C) Avoid damage of pattern
    (D) Avoid weaken the strength

10. Which prevent the pattern and core box from moisture and fungi attack?
    (A) Color code
    (B) Allowance
    (C) Fillet
    (D) Fillet iron

11. Which core print is used for hole above and below the parting line?
    (A) Wing core
    (B) Cover core
    (C) Vertical core
    (D) Balanced core

12. Which is used for pattern design to obtain defect free casting?
    (A) Core
    (B) Fillet
    (C) Fillet iron
    (D) Pattern allowance

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