Sawing - Wood Working Machine Mock Test - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Sawing - Wood Working Machine Mock Test - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which part of the pedestal drilling machine controls the feeding of the drill while drilling?
    (A) Feed handle
    (B) Base
    (C) Work table
    (D) Motor

2. What is the reason for avoiding the side of grinding wheel?
    (A) Grinding wheel guard damage
    (B) Spindle will damage
    (C) Tool tip break
    (D) Grinding wheel break

3. What is the name of chisel used for taper turning?
    (A) Skew chisel
    (B) Gouge chisel
    (C) Round nose chisel
    (D) Spear point chisel

4. Why wax is applied to the point of dead centre in wood turning lathe?
    (A) Avoid noise
    (B) Prevent fire
    (C) Prevent crack
    (D) Job rotating smoothly

5. Which wood surface is avoided in sanding work?
    (A) Excess glue and nailed surface
    (B) Convex surface
    (C) Straight surface
    (D) Irregular surface

6. Which determines the size of circular saw machine?
    (A) Small diameter the circular blade
    (B) Medium diameter the circular blade
    (C) Minimum diameter the circular blade
    (D) Maximum diameter the circular blade

7. Which P.P.E is used for handling the job while working in band saw machine?
    (A) Gloves
    (B) Hand screen
    (C) Welding helmet
    (D) Leg guards

8. What is the use of jointer planer?
    (A) Planning to end
    (B) Planning to curves
    (C) Planning to surface
    (D) Planning to thickness

9. What are the safety precautions to be observed in thickness planer?
    (A) Never lubricate the machine
    (B) Never bend down to look while running
    (C) Blade free of gum and edge
    (D) Apply proper tension to blade

10. Which determines the size of wood turning lathe?
    (A) Width of the work piece
    (B) Length of the work piece
    (C) Thickness of the work piece
    (D) Diameter of the swing in work piece

11. What is the purpose of aluminium oxide abrasive in high speed sander machine?
    (A) Old wood finishing
    (B) Soft wood finishing
    (C) Hard wood finishing
    (D) Nailed surface finishing

12. Which is the fitted to wheels for smooth running in band saw machine?
    (A) Ball bearing
    (B) Split bearing
    (C) Solid bearing
    (D) Bush bearing

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