Theodolite Survey - Civil Draughtsman Objective Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Theodolite Survey - Civil Draughtsman Objective Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is the technical term for the process of bring the vertical axis of theodolite immediately over a mark or station point?
    (A) Cantering
    (B) Traversing
    (C) Non - Traversing
    (D) Collimation

2. What measurement is plotted to a plan or a map?
    (A) Linear measurement
    (B) Angular measurement
    (C) Vertical measurement
    (D) Linear and angular measurement

3. What is the name of the staff used while the sights are long and the reading viewed through instrument?
    (A) Solid staff
    (B) Invar staff
    (C) Target staff
    (D) Telescopic staff

4. What levelling is called as in direct levelling?
    (A) Plane table levelling
    (B) Trigonometric levelling
    (C) Reciprocal levelling
    (D) Simple levelling

5. What is the method used for the instrument is suspected with improper adjustments and the error is doubled or reversal of telescope?
    (A) Prolonging a line by 1st method
    (B) Prolonging a line by 2nd method
    (C) Prolonging a line by 3rd method
    (D) Prolonging a line by 4th method

6. What is the name of the staff 3 m long and the band fitted is graduated in mm used for precise levelling?
    (A) Solid staff
    (B) Invar staff
    (C) Folding staff
    (D) Telescopic staff

7. What is referred to smallest measurable unit in theodolite?
    (A) Double sighting
    (B) Least count
    (C) Swing
    (D) Contouring

8. What is the process if the difference of level between two points is determined by setting the levelling instrument midway between the points?
    (A) Simple levelling
    (B) Profile levelling
    (C) Differential levelling
    (D) Reciprocal levelling

9. Which method errors due to eccentricity of the spindles are eliminated by reading both the Vernier of the theodolite?
    (A) Ordinary method
    (B) Repetition method
    (C) Recitation method
    (D) Compound method

10. What method of contour is suitable for small and low undulating area?
    (A) By square method
    (B) By cross section method
    (C) By tachometry method
    (D) By levelling method

11. What dimensions are drawn in a plan of contour?
    (A) Vertical dimension
    (B) Horizontal dimension
    (C) Inclined dimension
    (D) Parallel dimension

12. What is the name of theodolite with one of its telescope cannot be revolved through 180° in a vertical plane about its horizontal axis?
    (A) Auto level
    (B) Dumpy level
    (C) Transit Theodolite
    (D) Non-Transit theodolite

13. Which method is adopted while the instrument in improper adjustment to establish the intermediate point?
    (A) Back sight
    (B) Fore sight
    (C) Single sighting
    (D) Double sighting

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