Tool and Cutter Grinding MCQ Practice Test with Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Tool and Cutter Grinding MCQ Practice Test with Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which grinding attachment is specially designed for enable the work up to a length of 750 mm?
    (A) RH and LH extension tail stock
    (B) Universal vice
    (C) Positive indexing attachment
    (D) Tap relieving sharpening attachment

2. Where is tooth rest fitted in tool and cutter grinder?
    (A) Tooth rest attachment
    (B) In between centers
    (C) Tail stock
    (D) Column

3. What is the use of a mandrel?
    (A) For guide the grinding wheel
    (B) For hold the hollow cutters
    (C) For support the wheel head
    (D) For guide the table

4. Which grinding machine is used for re-sharpening of single point tools, chisel, punches and drills?
    (A) Surface grinder
    (B) Single purpose tool cutter grinder
    (C) Cylindrical grinder
    (D) Universal tool and cutter grinder

5. Why centre gauge is provided on tool and cutter grinding?
    (A) For centering the wheel spindle and cutter edges
    (B) For align the table to the spindle axis
    (C) For reduce the wheel speed
    (D) For fast metal removal

6. What is the recommended range of clearance angle for H.S.S cutter while milling cast iron?
    (A) 28° to 37°
    (B) 15° to 25°
    (C) 4° to 7°
    (D) 1° to 5°

7. Which grinding machine is used for sharpening of cutters?
    (A) Surface grinder
    (B) Tool and Cutter grinder
    (C) Pedestal grinder
    (D) Cylindrical grinder

8. Which attachment is used for precision grinding of angular parts?
    (A) Motor drive attachment
    (B) Positive indexing attachment
    (C) Universal vice
    (D) Angular sine vice

9. What is the recommended range of secondary clearance angle on milling cutter?
    (A) 1° to 3°
    (B) 4° to 7°
    (C) 8° to 12°
    (D) 15° to 25°

10. Which part of the tool and cutter grinding machine on that wheel head is being mounted?
    (A) Base
    (B) Saddle
    (C) Table
    (D) Column

11. How many number of swiveling movement is provided with universal vice?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 4
    (D) 6

12. Which work holding device is used on tool and cutter grinder for grinding the periphery and beveled edges on it?
    (A) Face mill grinding attachment
    (B) Taper turning attachment
    (C) Slotting attachment
    (D) Grinding attachment

13. Which part mounted directly on the top of base in tool cutter grinder?
    (A) Column
    (B) Saddle
    (C) Table
    (D) Wheel

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