Turning Operations ITI Machinist Objective Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Turning Operations ITI Machinist Objective Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which type of lathe centre can be used only for soft metal jobs?
    (A) Pipe centre
    (B) Tipped centre
    (C) Revolving centre
    (D) Self driving live centre

2. Which is the measuring instrument used for measuring screw thread?
    (A) Screw thread micrometer
    (B) Vernier caliper
    (C) Vernier height gauge
    (D) Vernier bevel protractor

3. What is the distance moved by a threaded component during one complete revolution?
    (A) Pitch
    (B) Lead
    (C) Flank
    (D) Depth

4. What is the method of turning where in a cylindrical work - piece is turn to have a uniform increase or decrease in diameter along the length?
    (A) Boring
    (B) Grooving
    (C) Step turning
    (D) Taper turning

5. What is the function of attachment in taper turning?
    (A) Keep the tool rigidly
    (B) Gives torque to work
    (C) Calculate the taper angle
    (D) Tool is guided to required angle

6. Which diameter the external threads are cut?
    (A) Root diameter
    (B) Pitch diameter
    (C) Major diameter
    (D) Minor diameter

7. What is the term used to indicate the angle of inclination of thread to the imaginary perpendicular line?
    (A) Helix angle
    (B) Thread angle
    (C) Pressure angle
    (D) Clearance angle

8. Which method of taper turning can be held either in chuck or between centers?
    (A) Tailstock offset
    (B) Form tool method
    (C) Compound rest method
    (D) Taper turning attachments

9. What is the name of lathe centre, which is used while facing the job without disturbing the setting?
    (A) Ball centre
    (B) Half centre
    (C) Pipe centre
    (D) Tipped centre

10. Which lathe centre is suitable for taper turning by tailstock offset method?
    (A) Ball centre
    (B) Pipe centre
    (C) Revolving centre
    (D) Insert type centre

11. Find the lead of a double start thread having a pitch 1.5 mm.
    (A) 2 mm
    (B) 3 mm
    (C) 1.5 mm
    (D) 2.5 mm

12. What is the lathe accessories used to give extra support for long slender work piece?
    (A) Tail stock
    (B) Steady rest
    (C) Lathe centre
    (D) Lathe carrier

13. Which of the following is a modified form of square thread?
    (A) Vee thread
    (B) Knuckle thread
    (C) Saw tooth thread
    (D) Ball screw thread

14. Calculate the lead of triple start thread if the pitch is 8 mm?
    (A) 16 mm
    (B) 24 mm
    (C) 32 mm
    (D) 40 mm

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