VMC Machine Working Principles Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

VMC Machine Working Principles Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is a ‘Word’ in a program?
    (A) Address
    (B) Line
    (C) Combination of characters
    (D) End of block

2. What is ‘M’ in program?
    (A) Sub-program
    (B) Sub-routine
    (C) Miscellaneous function
    (D) Preparatory function

3. Which offset is used to adjust the dimension of the component due to tool wear involve?
    (A) Work offset
    (B) Geometry offset
    (C) Wear offset
    (D) Zero offset

4. Which mode is used to enter part program?
    (A) Auto mode
    (B) MDI mode
    (C) Edit mode
    (D) JOG mode

5. Where to enter the tool length value in VMC?
    (A) Work offset
    (B) Geometrical offset
    (C) Wear offset
    (D) Zero offset

6. What is the point angle of twist drill for mild steel?
    (A) 140°
    (B) 130°
    (C) 118°
    (D) 120°

7. Which method is used to avoid machine collision in VMC during initial practice?
    (A) Simulation
    (B) Auto cycle
    (C) Manual method
    (D) Jog method

8. What is 'T01' in M06T01; in FANUC program?
    (A) Tool offset no: 1
    (B) Tool no: 6
    (C) Tool no: 1
    (D) Tool wear offset no: 01

9. Which mode is adopted for block by block execution of a CNC programme?
    (A) Auto mode
    (B) MD mode
    (C) Jog mode
    (D) Single block mode

10. What is 'G91' in VMC?
    (A) Absolute co-ordinate
    (B) Cartesian co-ordinate
    (C) Polar co-ordinate
    (D) Incremental co-ordinate

11. What is ‘H’ in part programs?
    (A) Tool length offset
    (B) Work offset
    (C) Wear offset
    (D) Geometry offset

12. What is ‘G76’ code for system?
    (A) Drilling
    (B) Fine boring
    (C) Boring
    (D) Tapping

13. What is the unit of cutting speed in VMC?
    (A) Meter/sec
    (B) Meter/min
    (C) mm/min
    (D) Revolution/min

14. Which mode is used for fine slide movement manually for work offset setting?
    (A) JOG
    (B) MPG
    (C) MDI
    (D) Edit

15. Which record is provided with operation sequence of a component?
    (A) Job card
    (B) Process planning
    (C) Maintenance sheet
    (D) Estimation sheet

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