What is Artificial Intelligence Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

What is Artificial Intelligence Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which data structure is used for implementing a FIFO branch and bound strategy?
    (A) Stack
    (B) Queue
    (C) Array
    (D) Linked list

2. Which algorithm is used to solve any kind of problem?
    (A) Breadth-first algorithm
    (B) Tree algorithm
    (C) Bidirectional search algorithm
    (D) None of the mentioned

3. A heuristic is a way of trying _________
    (A) To discover something or an idea embedded in a program
    (B) To search and measure how far a node in a search tree seems to be from a goal
    (C) To compare two nodes in a search tree to see if one is better than another
    (D) All of the mentioned above

4. When will Hill-Climbing algorithm terminate?
    (A) Stopping criterion met
    (B) Global Min/Max is achieved
    (C) No neighbor has higher value
    (D) All of the mentioned

5. Which method is used to search better by learning?
    (A) Best-first search
    (B) Depth-first search
    (C) Meta-level state space
    (D) None of the mentioned

6. Time Complexity of DFS is? (V – number of vertices, E – number of edges)
    (A) O(E)
    (B) O(V)
    (C) O(V+E)
    (D) O(V*E)

7. Which search is implemented with an empty first-in-first-out queue?
    (A) Depth-first search
    (B) Breadth-first search
    (C) Bidirectional search
    (D) None of the mentioned

8. Which search uses the problem specific knowledge beyond the definition of the problem?
    (A) Informed search
    (B) Depth-first search
    (C) Breadth-first search
    (D) Uninformed search

9. In many problems the path to goal is irrelevant, this class of problems can be solved using ________
    (A) Informed Search Techniques
    (B) Uninformed Search Techniques
    (C) Local Search Techniques
    (D) Informed & Uninformed Search Techniques

10. Searching using query on Internet is, use of _________ type of agent
    (A) Offline agent
    (B) Online agent
    (C) Both Offline & Online agent
    (D) Goal Based & Online agent

11. Which algorithm is used in graph traversal and path finding?
    (A) C*
    (B) A*
    (C) E*
    (D) D*

12. A* algorithm is based on _________
    (A) Breadth-First-Search
    (B) Depth-First –Search
    (C) Best-First-Search
    (D) Hill climbing

13. Hill climbing sometimes called _________, because it grabs a good neighbor state without thinking ahead about where to go next
    (A) Needy local search
    (B) Heuristic local search
    (C) Greedy local search
    (D) Optimal local search

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