Wood and Metals Furniture Making Procedures MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood and Metals Furniture Making Procedures MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the reason for plywood used in the construction of aircraft?
    (A) Strength, durability and lightness
    (B) Cost of the plywood is also too high
    (C) Less attract by insects and fungus
    (D) Less receiving of preservatives

2. Which is the minimum number of ply in plywood?
    (A) 300%
    (B) 400%
    (C) 500%
    (D) 600%

3. What is the advantage of insulation board?
    (A) Light weight
    (B) Greater holding power
    (C) Minimum warping
    (D) Minimum shrinkage

4. What is the effect of too much pressure in portable power disc sander machine?
    (A) Burn the wood
    (B) Wear the wood
    (C) Crack the wood
    (D) Check the wood

5. Which board is used for rail, buses and lorry body buildings?
    (A) Hard board
    (B) Block board
    (C) Laminated board
    (D) Insulation board

6. Which part is the area of shutter is closed between the rails?
    (A) Panel
    (B) Mullion
    (C) Sash
    (D) Transom

7. How the particle board is manufactured?
    (A) Narrow strips
    (B) Country wood strips
    (C) Breaking wood chips
    (D) Planer shaving, wood chips

8. What is the advantage of plywood?
    (A) Very small size
    (B) Skilled person is required
    (C) Seasoning very quick
    (D) Very large sizes

9. Which veneer has fine decorative effects for attractive appearance?
    (A) Top veneer
    (B) Core veneer
    (C) Back veneer
    (D) Bottom veneer

10. What is the use of portable power disc sander machine?
    (A) Smoothing for groove surface
    (B) Smoothing for curves surface
    (C) Smoothing for convex surface
    (D) Smoothing for rough surface quickly

11. What is the benefit of sunmica?
    (A) Improve the weight
    (B) Holding power
    (C) Good preservation
    (D) Beautiful appearance

12. What is the use of rebate made in door frame?
    (A) Appearance
    (B) Avoid terminals
    (C) Quick opening
    (D) Receive the door shutter

13. Which is the suitable abrasive used in disc sander machine?
    (A) Size of disc
    (B) Gauge of abrasive
    (C) Thickness of abrasive
    (D) Correct grade and type

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