Wood Engineering Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Engineering Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Hand tools used to cut a tenon include a backsaw or
    (A) Fine crosscut saw
    (B) Table saw
    (C) Dovetail saw
    (D) Ripsaw

2. Wooden parallel clamps from 6 to 20 inches long are called
    (A) Bar clamps
    (B) Pipe clamps
    (C) C-clamps
    (D) Hand screws

3. Repair plates include mending plates and
    (A) Flat corner irons
    (B) Bent corner irons
    (C) T-plates
    (D) All of the above

4. When white or yellow glue is used to apply veneer, the veneer is pressed with a
    (A) Household iron
    (B) Cast-iron weight
    (C) Rubber roller
    (D) None of the above

5. When ripping with the table saw, use the _______ to keep the saw kerf from closing.
    (A) Anti kickback pawls
    (B) Arbor
    (C) Splitter
    (D) Try square

6. When making a miter cut, adjust the ________ to the angle desired
    (A) Table
    (B) Over arm
    (C) Blade guard
    (D) Column

7. When adjusting the sliding compound miter saw, loosen the locking handle or lever and tilt the _______ to the desired angle.
    (A) Saw head
    (B) Fence
    (C) Turntable
    (D) Clamping device

8. The size of a drill press is expressed as twice the distance from the center of the _______ to the column.
    (A) Table
    (B) Bit
    (C) Chuck
    (D) Spindle

9. To cut a groove for a strip of inlay, use a ______ bit.
    (A) Beading
    (B) Left-hand spiral
    (C) V-grooving
    (D) Core box

10. Spindle turning involves turning stock held between the live center and the
    (A) Spur
    (B) Headstock
    (C) Tool rest
    (D) Dead center

11. Which of the following is a penetrating finish?
    (A) Varnish
    (B) Enamel
    (C) Shellac
    (D) Danish oil

12. When applying a water-based stain, brush the end grain with _______ to prevent it from absorbing too much stain.
    (A) Linseed oil
    (B) Zinc oxide
    (C) Water
    (D) Solvent

13. The top grade of hardwood lumber is labeled
    (A) Factory lumber
    (B) Yard lumber
    (C) FAS
    (D) Common yard lumber

14. Which of the following is not recommended for driving nails?
    (A) Grasp the hammer near the head
    (B) Hold the nail close to the point
    (C) Watch the hammer, not the nail
    (D) Do not put several nails along the same grain

15. Which of the following is not recommended for sanding?
    (A) Always sand against the grain
    (B) Take care to prevent round corners
    (C) Sand end grain in only one direction
    (D) Never use a coarser grit than necessary

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