Wood Working Machine - Sawing Exam Preparation MCQ - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Working Machine - Sawing Exam Preparation MCQ - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the use of horizontal band saw machine?
    (A) Sawing size timber
    (B) Sawing curve and miter
    (C) Sawing large diameter logs
    (D) Sawing small diameter logs

2. What is the use of vertical band saw machine?
    (A) Sawing size timber
    (B) Sawing zigzag cutting
    (C) Sawing keyhole cutting
    (D) Sawing large diameter log

3. Which is the maximum hard wood thickness that can be cut in portable circular saw machine?
    (A) 50 mm
    (B) 60 mm
    (C) 70 mm
    (D) 80 mm

4. How to maintain the vertical band saw machine after the work?
    (A) Check the wheels
    (B) Sharpen the blade
    (C) Clean and lubricate
    (D) Check the guide post

5. Which type of wood avoid in thickness planer?
    (A) Seasoning timber
    (B) Unseasoning timber
    (C) Straight grain timber
    (D) Warped and twisted timber

6. What is the purpose of rolls in thickness planer?
    (A) Support of the stock
    (B) Prevent from the blade
    (C) Helps to carry the stock
    (D) Prevent from cutter head

7. What is the purpose of a work rest in pedestal grinder?
    (A) Maintain the size
    (B) Move the stock
    (C) Hold the work
    (D) Support the work

8. Which material is used for making twist drill bits?
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Spring steel
    (C) High speed steel
    (D) Alloy steel

9. How to feed the stock in thickness planer?
    (A) Slowly and evenly
    (B) Highly and evenly
    (C) Slowly and inclined
    (D) Highly and inclined

10. Which part of the spindle sander machine is tilted at 45 Degree?
    (A) Base
    (B) Shaft
    (C) Table
    (D) Frame

11. Which chisel used for different shoulder cuts according to the dimensions in the turning work?
    (A) Gouge chisel
    (B) Parting chisel
    (C) Spear point chisel
    (D) Round nose chisel

12. Which method is suitable for sanding work on a surface?
    (A) Along the surface
    (B) Inclined surface
    (C) Diameter surface
    (D) Across the surface

13. What is the remedy of click noise while working on the band saw machine?
    (A) Remove the wood
    (B) Releasing the tension
    (C) Switch off the machine
    (D) Adjust the ripping fence

14. Which determines the size of surface planer?
    (A) Width of the cut
    (B) Width of the cutter
    (C) Speed of the cutter head
    (D) Diameter of the cutter head

15. What is the gap to be maintained between grinding wheel and work rest in pedestal grinding machine?
    (A) 2 to 3 mm
    (B) 4 to 5 mm
    (C) 6 to 7 mm
    (D) 8 to 9 mm

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