Special Attachments in Clothing Industry MCQ with Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Special Attachments in Clothing Industry MCQ with Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which part holds the thread in position from the spool to the needle?
    (A) Needle
    (B) Thread guide
    (C) Needle plate
    (D) Face plate

2. Which one is the motorized sewing machine part?
    (A) Treadle
    (B) Band wheel
    (C) Band wheel cover
    (D) Power switch

3. Which attachment is used for folding and /or joining while simultaneously sewing?
    (A) Guide attachments
    (B) Binder and folder attachments
    (C) Foot attachments
    (D) Button hole attachments

4. What is the function of presser foot?
    (A) Sewing to cloth
    (B) Firmly to cloth
    (C) Moving to cloth
    (D) Winding to cloth

5. How is the remedy for lower thread breaking?
    (A) Sharp needle
    (B) Blunt needle
    (C) Select the correct thread
    (D) Needle too small

6. Which attachment is used for covering cord and zippers?
    (A) Tucker foot
    (B) Zipper foot
    (C) Presser foot
    (D) Ruffler foot

7. Which machine is given to stitch of cross and straight shapes?
    (A) Over lock machine
    (B) Zig Zag machine
    (C) Flat lock machine
    (D) Chain of loops machine

8. Which part is made to rotate it works the mechanism of the machine?
    (A) Needle bar
    (B) Presser bar
    (C) Flywheel
    (D) Governor

9. Which machine is used for special purpose to finishing edges and sometimes for seaming?
    (A) Double needle machine
    (B) Zig Zag machine
    (C) Overlock machine
    (D) Button sewing

10. Which types of sewing machine used in industrial production?
    (A) Domestic machine
    (B) Tradle machine
    (C) Handle machine
    (D) Motorized sewing machine

11. What are the machines of multipurpose used?
    (A) Single needle lock stitch machine
    (B) Over lock machine
    (C) Zig Zag machine
    (D) Loop stitch machine

12. What are the function of thread take up lever?
    (A) Move the clutch
    (B) Feed the thread to needle
    (C) The cloth firmly in position
    (D) Controls the length of the stitch

13. Which one is the needle control can be done by the following steps?
    (A) The practice of needle fixing
    (B) They can maintain the broken needles record
    (C) Stitching place neatly
    (D) Process for easy running of the machine

14. What is the remedy for tangled thread of the beginning of stitch?
    (A) Under thread should be drawn out
    (B) Excess oil
    (C) Select the correct needle
    (D) Clean the feed dog

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