Textile Handwork Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Textile Handwork Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which protects our body from dust and different climatic condition?
    (A) Gloves
    (B) Clothes
    (C) Shocks
    (D) Apron

2. Which tool is used for cutting out module template from thick card board or plastic?
    (A) Button hole scissor's
    (B) Pinking scissor's
    (C) Pattern scissor's
    (D) Hand scissor's

3. What is the abbreviation of measure on back from nape to waist?
    (A) SL
    (B) NW
    (C) CH
    (D) AB

4. Which types of zipper is used for sports wear?
    (A) Open end zipper
    (B) Chain zipper
    (C) Ladder zipper
    (D) Invisible zipper

5. What should you first action be when electric burn?
    (A) Leave from work place
    (B) Switch off the main
    (C) Call fire service
    (D) Check for level of fire

6. What is the example of non-woven fabrics?
    (A) Silk
    (B) Felt
    (C) Polyester
    (D) Nylon

7. Which is a natural fibre?
    (A) Polyester
    (B) Nylon
    (C) Rayon
    (D) Wool

8. Which tool used for placing positioning marks, balance marks and seam allowances?
    (A) Hole punch
    (B) Notcher
    (C) Stitch cutter
    (D) Revolving hole punch

9. What is ‘KnL’ refers in pattern making?
    (A) Leg length
    (B) Inner Leg length
    (C) Knee length
    (D) Round knee

10. What is the type of darning needle?
    (A) Sharp needle
    (B) Length and thickness
    (C) Bend type
    (D) Cutting point

11. Which one is napped fabric?
    (A) Silk
    (B) Velvet
    (C) Nylon
    (D) Polyester

12. Which accessories are needed to sewing craft for the cloth?
    (A) Loom and fibres
    (B) Needle and thread
    (C) Leaves and needle
    (D) Thread and leaves

13. What are the process of length wise and width wise yarns?
    (A) Construction of fibres
    (B) Construction of fabric
    (C) Non-woven fabric
    (D) Construction of yarn

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